Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Times

The best 4 minutes and 11 seconds of all time: Dancing in the living room with your 22 month old to Living on a Prayer. Even though dancing only consists of him running around in circles, shaking his sippie cup of milk (is that how you make a milk shake? And does it bring all the boys to the yard?), and, very rarely, doing a big jump.

The best 20 minutes of all time: Watching your 22 month old son "color" his monkey mask at the local children's museum. The Uncommon Man, during this time, made himself a cow mask, and The Uncommon Wife was a kick-ass lioness.

The best 6 minutes and 30 seconds of all time: The brief period that your 22 month old takes a break from playing with his blocks to cuddle up with you to watch football. Before you can fully explain the Cover-2 to him, he's gone again.

The best 20 seconds of all time: The moment in church, during the Gospel, when your 22 month old wants to give both parents a simultaneous hug, followed by kisses. Less wonderful was 20 seconds later, when he decided to start hitting his mommy.

The best 13 minutes and 45 seconds of all time: Decorating sugar cookies with your 22 month old, and trying to keep as many of the sprinkles as possible off of the floor, while the dog hovers nearby.

Even with a heartbreaking (and entirely predictable) Vikings loss, this has been a wonderful weekend for The Common Man.

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