Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance Meme

A fun game has cropped up over at the former Circling the Bases, now HardballTalk, based on Lenny Dykstra (who recently lost all of his money, had his $17.5 million house foreclosed on, and is going through bankrupcy) starting a new company giving investment advice. The Common Man's contributions:

Fenster on getting away clean.
Charles Dickens on brevity.
Lear on family relations.
Othello on impulse control.
Johnny Damon on finding a job in a down economy.
Jim Bowden and Omar Minaya on choosing the right management team.
Captain Kirk and respecting the Prime Directive.

And some lesser examples:
Bert Blyleven on making the Hall of Fame.
Jim Rice on playing Hall of Fame quality baseball.
Al Pacino on subtlety.
Ron Artest on winning friends and influencing people.
Mickey Mantle on clean living.

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