Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Links

The Common Man has much love for these links, and thinks you will too.

Hey, did you hear about the big podcast on Wednesday night?

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Skip the first 8 minutes of technical difficulties to hear the brilliant TCM, Lar from and Bill of The Daily Something talk about the All Star Game, George Steinbrenner, the Trade Deadline, and the 1st half of the season.

Speaking of friends of the blog Lar and Bill… Bill’s got a great article up today (inspired by Omar Infante’s inclusion in the All Star Game) of the worst All Stars of all time. Ron Coomer’s on the list, as is TCM’s favorite inexplicable All Star Billy Hunter. Lar’s been getting ready for his big SABR presentation next week on Charles Schulz’s Peanuts and baseball, so he’s had a number of guest bloggers this week. However, Lar did take the time to figure out exactly how long it would have taken the Home Run Derby participants to run out each of their blasts. The “winner,” just as in the Derby, was David Ortiz, who would have taken more than 14 minutes to trot.

Some of TCM’s more foolhardy fellow Twins fans are complaining about Justin Morneau’s concussion. In particular, Jack Steal (who writes the Fanatic Jack Talks Twins blog), claimed on Twitter last night that Ron Gardenhire was babying both Morneau and Mauer, and asked “Who is a bigger Candy Ass. Mauer or Morneau.” [sic] Jack is incredibly pessimistic, especially in 140 characters or less, and his fatalism is endlessly fascinating to The Common Man.

That said, Jack’s being an irresponsible idiot here. In recent years, we have learned more about the damage to the brain caused by concussions. Indeed, Twins fans should be acutely aware of these problems because of Corey Koskie’s catastrophic post-concussion syndrome. Frankly, there’s no such thing as a small brain injury, because any follow-up traumas are potentially debilitating and life-threatening. One would do well to read up on the symptoms and the potential lifetime of problems that can stem from a concussion before criticizing Morneau, Jack.

It’s hard enough hitting a 95 MPH fastball, but it’s damn near impossible when you can’t concentrate, have diminished reflexes, and can’t remember how to recognize pitches. The Twins can't afford to risk Justin's long term health, as well as his ability to come back this year, by rushing him back.

The death of George Steinbrenner obviously disrupted the Yankee Universe this week, with several remembrances (including TCM). Larry at It’s About the Money has a good piece up on George’s legacy, while Jason reassures us that the Steinbrenners aren’t going anywhere. That’s precious little comfort to Muhammad Cohen, who has apparently been nursing a pretty significant grudge for 25 years, and picked a hell of a time to unload it.

As if you needed them, here are 50 excellent reasons to be excited about the second half of the season.

And finally, while there is nothing funny about the racism and apparent violence that Mel Gibson has been guilty of in recent weeks, we can all enjoy this hilarious video of Dennis Leary, calling Mel out during a Red Sox/Tigers game in 2006:

(H/T to Andy on the blog)

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