Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giving In to the Dark Side

As many of you know, The Common Man recently began joined Jason Rosenberg’s new team of bloggers at It’s About the Money, Stupid. While TCM is sure the writing schedule will be tight and demanding, he anticipates no drop in his posts here. The Common Man loves this blog, and only a monetary offer of a non-zero amount could pry him away from it. That said, The Common Man’s new association with IIATMS, will necessitate a rather large change.

The Common Man is excited, but also very nervous, to announce that, as a condition of this new affiliation, TCM will have to renounce his Minnesota Twins fandom. Jason is a fair man, but he’s also demanding, and so The Common Man will trade in his blue TC cap for Yankee black. The Common Man is sorry if your trust feels violated or you need a moment to accept this change. Rest assured, it was not an easy decision. It was strictly business.

Fig. 1: Sadness.

As part of the deal, TCM has turned all of his Twins jerseys (Santana, Mauer, and Morneau), as well as his T-shirts, sweatshirts, Crocs, and Underoos over to the good people at St. Vincent DePaul’s and has sent the confirmation receipt of the donation to Jason via first class mail. As soon as Jason receives this confirmation, TCM will be free to post over on IITMS and reach far broader audiences than he can here.
In the meantime, The Common Man will begin the process of removing all positive Twins-related content from this site, or editing the material to reflect the philosophy of his new employer. TCM wants to be clear how much he has enjoyed following and praising the Twins over the years, and how much he will miss it.

However, the good news is that The Common Man will now be able to blog daily about how incredible Derek Jeter’s defense is, and how he should have been named MVP last year. Also, together we can explore the depths to which the Red Sox truly suck. Think how much fun you’ll have learning about random Yankees from the past, like Johnny Blanchard and Jack Chesbro. Tuck Stainback and Bill Monbouquette. And how great will it be to talk about which stars deserve to be Yankees this season, next season, and the year after, as though no other team in the league has a rich history or a tradition of success. Indeed, on Tuesday of next week, The Common Man will be live blogging his visit to the tattoo parlor, where he will get a single pinstripe running from his shoulder to his ankle in tribute.

So hold onto your Reggie Bars and strap yourself onto The Rocket, because things are going to change around here. The Common Man can’t wait to take you all along for a ride.

Fig. 2: The Common Man's got a new attitude.


Mark Smith said...

It took me about three sentences, but I'm on to you, sir.

TwinsTarget said...

Took me about five paragraphs. Nicely done, TCM.

BikeMonkey said...

Twins, Yankheez, whatever.

Did you see what Cancellara pulled today? woot!!!!