Friday, September 17, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 9/17

B-List Indians Blog: B-List Lite
"Jeanmar Gomez' inability to win without stuff"

Most of you have heard the disturbing story of Josh Lueke and the Mariners' front office's supposed ignorance of his past.  He's got nothing more to prove against minor league hitters, and Jon wonders whether we'll see the prospect in Seattle before the season is up. I certainly hope not.  I don't care how repentent he supposedly is.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers):  Thursday Morning Notes
The news is not good for Rangers fans regarding Josh Hamilton's hip injury.  Recovery has stalled.  This puts the Rangers at a severe disadvantage come October.

The Ray Area: When Is It Cheating?
Mark wonders, in light of Cap'n Jetes' acting job last night, where the line is between gamesmanship and cheating.

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): State of the Rotation
The starting rotation was supposed to be a huge assett for the Sox this year, but injuries have left the team scrambling.  How do things look for 2011?

"The truth is [Gil Meche] is going to make $12 million next year no matter what.... Let’s all get over the ‘$12 million set-up guy quips’ and focus on what is salvageable on the back half of this contract."

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Three for Thursday
"Between now and October 3, Miguel Cabrera will probably blow past the American League record for intentional walks. He has 30 now and Ted Williams’ mark of 34 during the 1957 season doesn’t stand a chance."

Nick's Twins Blog: The Bullpen Ace
"It's quite clear that Crain is the Twins' best reliever at this point, and that has some folks wondering why the team acquired Matt Capps to fill the closer role when they could have simply had Crain and Jon Rauch swap roles."

"If a tree fell in a Minnesota forest and Ozzie Guillen saw it, would he start advocating for mass deforestation?"

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Robbie Cano, where'd you go?
"A lot of things have gone wrong for the Yankees lately....  Somewhat unremarked upon in all of this though is that Robinson Cano has cooled down quite a bit lately, and is downright slumping now."

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Thursday Notes of Doom 
"Starting pitching has gone from the team’s strength to their weakness in a little under a year.  I have no doubt that Mike Minor will have a successful major league career if he stays healthy and will pitch very well for the Braves in years to come, but yesterday was the last straw."

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs): Joe's Big Important Question of the Day
What to do with Big Z?

Drew Stubbs is awfully streaky. He's also awfully good, and pretty young.

The second-worst kind of loss, I think, right after the huge early lead that slowly melts away throughout the rest of the game. 

Meet the old boss, not a big fan of the new boss. Also, several other Dodger notes.

"Ironically, Davidoff could be right when he states that Bobby Valentine’s salary could be too rich for the Wilpons’ taste. It’s funny that the owners wouldn’t blink at approving $36M for Oliver Perez or $25M for Luis Castillo, yet have serious reservations about spending $3M on Bobby Valentine. Makes one wonder."

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): More on Ryan Howard's WAR 
Bill responds to some lingering questions following his excellent explanatory post from the other day.

Ducksnorts (Padres): Rocky Mountain Anvil
Thoughts after the Padres' huge series win at Coors.

Sounds like the story of Francisco Liriano's season: Wainwright comes up with 8 K, 1 BB and no HR...but a one-game BABIP of .469 against the Cubs.

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