Monday, November 24, 2008

Is Something Missing?

The Common Man apologizes for his conspicuous absence this past week. He has been swamped by work and The Boy, and unable to break free. He missed you all, just as he knows that you missed him. That you felt a conspicuous hole in your heart that was just the size of The Common Man.

Well, fear not, hearty readers. The Common Man will be periodically updating his blog this week from the road, as he and The Common Family spend Thanksgiving in rural America with family, and will have time to burn since, frankly, there's nothing to do in that town.

For now, however, The Common Man must rest. He has an impossibly early flight to catch in the morning, and just a few hours left to sleep before he needs to wake, shower, and throw the family in the car. The Common Man wishes you well. He's sure he'll talk to you again tomorrow, with tales of horrific travel.


The Uncommon Wife said...

Hey!!! There's lot to do in that town.

bikemonkey said...

do they have teh intertoobz?

The Common Man said...

@ Wife

Dearest wife, if there is so much happening here, then why did you, The Common Man, and their illustrious hosts sit on the couch watching House last night?

@ bikemonkey

Teh intertoobz is here, but here it's something that you dump things on. It's a big truck.