Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank Yous

The Common Man has been extremely pleased this week by the response he has gotten to his work, particularly from friend of the blog, Craig Calcaterra, of's HardballTalk and also the incomparable Rob Neyer, of's Sweetspot. The Common Man greatly appreciates the support, and thanks them and each of you for stopping by this week. This has, by far, been the most successful week ever at The Common Man, and TCM is both proud and humbled (because The Common Man is also a complex man).

To celebrate this week's awesomeness, The Common Man entreats you to enjoy the following absolutely horrible live rendition of a Godawful song. If you can’t take the first two-and-a-half minutes of ear-bleeding terribleness, at least fast forward and watch the last minute of the performance. The whole thing is amateurish and awkward, but the addition of a ceremonial Native American headdress at the end is a good reminder that a) the feelings of Native Americans are still as marginalized today, as are their traditions fetishized, b) there is no limit of idiocy that people will applaud for, and c) that apparently terrible taste in music extends to fashion. Also, it’s a good reminder that the logo of the Cleveland Indians and the name of the Washington football team remain offensive black eyes on professional sports. Man, if you can’t trust someone with a dollar sign in their name to be respectful of the symbols of other cultures, who can you trust?

And if you're unwilling to familiarize yourself with the symbol for all that is wrong with music today, Ke$ha, enjoy an old The Common Man favorite, a Stupid Man Trick:

If only we could combine these two clips somehow.

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