Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miami or St. Louis for Pujols?

by Jason Wojciechowski

Albert Pujols apparently has ten-year offers for upwards of $200 million on the table from the Marlins and the Cardinals, as well as other teams that might includes the Cubs and the Angels. While anything can happen, the buzz has been around Miami, and counting out a return home to St. Louis is foolish. Where should he sign? Let's go to the tale of the tape.

Category / City St. Louis Miami
Population 319,294 399,457
Metro Area Population 2,845,298 4,919,036
Churches1 9,092 8,579
Dominican restaurants 662 403
Restaurants with Pujols's name on them 1 0
Brand new ballparks 0 1
Hideous center-field contraptions 0 1
The same uniform that Stan Musial wore 1 0
The same uniform that Trey Parker wore 0 1
Days of sunshine per year 202 249
Average humidity in July 59% 63%
Arches 1 0
Friends of Jason who grew up there 4 1
Football teams 1 1
Football teams cruelly stolen from another city 1 0
Vote share for McCain in 2008 15.5% 41.6%
Tony LaRussas 0 0
Managers who played within my memory 1 1
In 'n' Out Burgers 0 0

I'm pretty sure we have our answer!

  1. For this and a couple of the other categories, I just searched Google Maps. Effort!  

  2. This strikes me as unlikely.  

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