Thursday, October 23, 2008

Film at 11

Since The Common Man's virus seems to have run its course (thank God), he's happy to share virally goodness with all y'all.

-- First off, The Common Man doesn't care who you are and what your political, social, or philosophical beliefs are. If everyone in the nation can't come together and call this literal take on A-ha's classic '80s hit "Take On Me" comedy genius, he doesn't know what everyone is fighting for.

But, and here's where The Common Man realizes that he's lame (but lame in a totally awesome kind of way), when he comics guy breaks through into our world, how is he going to survive? He'll have no social security number, no references, and, frankly, he's awfully sweaty and gross looking. He can't actually expect the chick he just met to let him move in and freeload off her, can he?

-- Since time immemorial, man has struggled with the ultimate question: What would happen if Superman and Batman were real, and they met? Thankfully, the question has finally been answered, thanks to College Humor. Also, it turns out that Superman is kind of a douche.

-- The Common Man is, of course, stallwart and true, and unfazed by things that would frighten most men to their cores. But he is having nightmares. And the nightmares look like this:

Real or no, that is one scary kid. Even though he's as tall and well-proportioned as a two-year old can be, The Common Man thinks he's going to put The Boy on a diet.

--Finally, because he hasn't shown one in a while...EXPLOSION!!!

Bonus: It's narrated by Adam West. What more could you want?

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