Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 11/23

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs): GirlieView (11/22/2010) 
Cubs and, well, other notes from Lizzie.

Redleg Nation: The Reds and Free Agency
There's some good stuff on here about Joey Votto, as you might guess, but this is really interesting.  Care to guess the year when the Reds signed their first free agent?  If you aren't named Larry Bittner and haven't read this post yet, you're probably off by a couple years.

Dodger Thoughts: Ex-Dodgers Delwyn Young, Andy LaRoche are castaways
On the two Pirate casualties with a Dodger connection (you know, I still think someone could find a bargain in Andy LaRoche).  Also, a third Pirate castaway, potential Dodger Zach Duke, and two new adds to the Dodgers' 40-man.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): SweetSpot Awards: NL MVP
We got the first two right, and I like the rest of our results a lot better than BBWAA's.  Notably, there's no Ryan Howard at all.

Mets Today: 2010 Analysis: David Wright
2010 was the first year when the mountain of criticism the superstar gets was almost kind of warranted.  Joe wonders what was wrong, and what it means for '11.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Phillies' Bullpen Strengthened with Contreras
You have to appreciate a guy like Jose Contreras. Looks like he's about sixty-five years old, and he's carved out a nice little second career for himself.

Ducksnorts (Padres): I Almost Prayed in Albuquerque: A Crow Left of the Murder
Part five of the nine-part series covering the first day of his journey from San Diego to Tony Gwynn's Cooperstown inauguration.

Fungoes (Cardinals): 2010 AL and NL Sabermetric MVPs
I really like that our Cards blog concludes that "Joey Votto deserves it, hands down," but I don't know that I get the concept of just adding WAR and WPA.  Seems pretty arbitrary.  Like OPS.

Nationals Baseball: Bryce Update
Recapping how Bryce Harper fared in the Arizona Fall League.  There are some warning signs, but the guy was 17 when the league started.  I'd think that "well, he didn't immediately fall on his face every time he stepped on the field" would have to be considered a roaring success.

The B-List Indians Blog: Snipe Hunting in the NL Central
Steve looks at possible trade acquisitions in the NL Central.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): 40-Man Roster Set For Rule 5 Draft
Conor breaks down the players the M's protected in the upcoming Rule 5 draft with his regular precision and thoroughness.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Getting Less Bang For Your Buck
Are the Rangers going to overpay for Cliff Lee?  And if they lose him, will they overpay for a bunch of other guys?

The Ray Area: The Stadium Debate Begins Anew
Mark is surprised to find out that the Cubs have a stadium problem, and public funding problem too, and wonders if they'll also look to move to Charlotte.

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Luis Exposito's Place as Catcher of the Future
"Exposito, who hit .260/.339/.416 in 473 ABs for Portland, may already be the best catcher in the Sox’ organization despite never having played a game above AA."  And he was just added to the 40 man roster.  He'll be 24 in 2011.

Royals Authority: 2010 Positional Review, Shortstop
"I admit, there is something nice about a regular contributor at shortstop who can hit for some power and who can play every day."  This is the nicest thing ever written by a smart person about Yuniesky Betancourt. 

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Disco Demolition Night
Mike looks back at perhaps the most disasterous promotion in the history of professional sports.  With video!

Nick's Twins Blog: Ready to Get Tangled in Webb?
Ah, PUNS!  Are the Twins chasing Brandon Webb?  Nick approves: "This appears to be one of those decreasingly rare instances in which I find myself on the same wavelength as the Twins brass. Webb is shaping up to be a guy worth taking a flier on, but only under the right circumstances."

Sox Machine (White Sox): Escobar rewarded for job well done
Eduardo Escobar turns a strong AFL campaign into a 40 man roster spot in advance of the Rule 5 draft.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Behold, thy name is leverage
Jason goes all FJM on Derek Jeter's agent, Casey Close.  Also, Brien makes fun of Murray Chass.  That's something we can all get behind!

And today on The Platoon Advantage: Bill continues our Three Questions series with a look at the transitioning Tampa Bay Rays.

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