Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick Hits and Links

The Common Man started the New Year off right yesterday by going to see True Grit. It was excellent, but TCM was left disappointed, as he was expecting either a David Eckstein biopic or an Eckstein-Punto buddy action-comedy. As it was, all TCM got to see was a beautifully directed, impeccably performed, and unexpectedly hilarious Western that should become a classic. Alas, the ballad of David Eckstein remains unsung.
20 more MLB biopics could include:

Batman (Albert Pujols)

The Godfather (George Steinbrenner as Vito, Hank as Sonny, Hal Steinbrenner as Michael, Brian Cashman as Tom, Randy Levine as Fredo, and Joe Torre as Clemenza)

Pirate of the Caribbean (Roberto Clemente)

Iron Man (Cal Ripken)

WALL-E (Backman)

Smoking Aces (2011 Philadelphia Phillies)

Crank (BBWAA HOF Voters)

The Fighter (Johnny Cueto)

The Ring (2010 San Francisco Giants)

Machete (Ugueth Urbina)

The Man Who Knew Too Much (Brian Bannister)

On the Waterfront (Barry Bonds)

The Man With the Golden Gun (Stephen Strasburg)

Presumed Innocent (Jeff Bagwell)

Catch Me If You Can (Rickey Henderson)

Escape From New York (Carl Pavano and Javier Vazquez)

Big Fish (Hanley Ramirez)

Transformer (Jose Bautista)

Exodus (Zack Greinke)

Dazed and Confused (Justin Morneau)

Got more?


Over the Holiday, Harmon Killebrew announced that he has esophageal cancer. As a Twins fan, The Common Man has had the opportunity to meet Mr. Killebrew a couple of times at autograph shows and the like. Despite a long line and a great deal of demand for his attention, he summoned up a great deal of warmth and consideration for fans every time TCM has seen him. One of the classiest men ever to be associated with the game of baseball. Bill and The Common Man both wish him and his family well, and hope that he gets better soon. The world is a better place with Harmon Killebrew in it.


He’ll have more on this later this week, but The Common Man is starting to think about whether the Twins should just go to war with the players they have so far, with an eye toward gearing up for 2012. This offseason has not gone well, and with the White Sox geared up for a big run this year, it might be best to hold back financial commitments to increase long-term flexibility. If the team is still in contention in July, the Twins can look to add pieces then.


Over at It’s About the Money, Stupid, Jason’s got some pretty graphs of the best pitchers of the 2000s. TCM was surprised to find that Johan Santana led the Majors in ERA+ (by a starting pitcher). In related news, all the Twins have left for Santana is a 24 year old with a 8.13 career ERA, a 24 year old who has yet to get out of A-ball, and a 21 year old who had a 6.36 ERA across AA and AAA last year. Yippee.

If Adrean Beltre does sign with the Rangers today, keep a close eye on Monkey With a Halo, who might literally explode with rage. For less apoplectic reaction, keep up with True Grich.


Friend of the Blog, and just overall friend, Larry Granillo of Wezen-ball tries his hand at a new medium and captures the spirit of many HOF voters. Also, if you haven’t read his look back at SI’s profiles on Bert Blyleven from the 1970s and his exploration of the start of the Morris Myth, you’re only doing a disservice to yourself. Fantastic stuff from Lar, as always.


Having worked in a baseball clubhouse for two seasons, TCM is confident in saying the Oney Guillen broke the cardinal rule of every clubhouse in the game. A team employee would be summarily fired for what Guillen posted because it ruins the trust that players need to have in their manager. If you told your boss confidential information, and that information was released to the rest of your co-workers and friends by your boss or someone connected to your boss, how would you feel about approaching that boss again? How would your co-workers feel?

Look for this to have potential ramifications for the White Sox as they court free agents, and Ozzie Guillen, as he looks to stay on with the Sox going forward. This will have to be addressed in a team meeting during Spring Training. And Ozzie is probably going to have to apologize to his team.

Oney, meanwhile, is perhaps the most clueless, unwarrantedly arrogant, narcissistic, stupid, delusional, and vapid as Oney Guillen. He most certainly does not understand that what he did was wrong, let alone why. Oney will never work in the game again.

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Michael Clair said...

Great, hilarious, and spot-on list. Only films I would think of adding: Dinner for Schmucks (Dayton Moore) and The Back-Up Plan (2010 Red Sox).