Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 6/15

Austin's Astros 290 Blog: Astros fire Arnsberg
Hard to tell if Austin thinks this was justified, but he thinks it's just the first domino to fall.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): Following Up on Wolf's Slider
"Wolf’s return to his old form has been an excellent sign for the Brewers, even if it hasn’t been turning into wins due to low run support....  He’s no Cole Hamels, but right now not too many teams can boast a better fourth starting pitcher than Randy Wolf."

View From the Bleachers (Cubs): So You Want To Be Sellers
The team is going nowhere fast, so Joe looks at the Cubs players who might be on the move.

Snakes on Jefferson (Diamondbacks): MLB realignment rumor-Diamondbacks to the American League
Tyler breaks down what a change of leagues would mean to D-backs.

Dodger Thoughts: Yet another thing about Matt Kemp-He hits righties
Matt Kemp may just be the best player in the National League in 2011.  Here's one reason why.

Bay City Ball (Giants): Brandon Crawford's skills
On the Jints new defensive wizard: "There’s a good chance that Crawford isn’t a major league caliber hitter. The Giants’ current set of problems gives the team an opportunity to evaluate Crawford’s hitting at the highest level. That’s valuable data to collect, and it sure beats the Tejada alternative."

Marlins Daily: Hanley is Back!
"Given the fact that offense has been downright terrible in June, it’s not certain that Hanley’s presence back in the lineup will change things for the Fish unless the team starts pulling it together. By pulling it together, I mean walking more, being more selective at the plate, and playing better on the defensive end.

Mets Today: The Reyes Dilemma
Guest writer mike Steffanos on the delicate situation with Jose Reyes, and whether he should be dealt.

Nationals Baseball: Mar-quis to Winning
Harper thinks Jason Marquis should be on the move.

Ducksnorts (Padres): So, Yeah...Poreda
"The Padres DFA’d Aaron Poreda, who was the centerpiece of the trade that sent Jake Peavy to the White Sox in July 2009. It has been a long time since I’ve thought of Poreda in those terms, but other people have reminded me, so I guess we might as well acknowledge it."

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Josh Willingham, Proceed With Caution
The Phils are in the market for an outfielder, and the A's might have what they need.

Redleg Nation: Father's Day Giveaway, Part 2
Chad's got a cool contest going on.  Go.  Enter.

Blake Street Bulletin (Rockies): Dead Weight
Logan debunks the idea that the Rockies are a strong defensive team.

Ghostrunner on First (Blue Jays): Drabek Down, Stewart Up
"Is it okay if I officially have doubts about Kyle Drabek now?"  No, no it's not.

It's Pronounced Laj-away (Indians): I Guess a Shutout Is Better Than Being No Hit
"I’ve been like a broken record lately, “put together better at-bats, bench underperformers, etc.” so I don’t think I need to repeat the same tired criticisms.  They lost first place tonight; a position they’ve held since April.  If they don’t turn this around soon, Chicago will pass them by as well."

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Are the Mariners Seriously Playing Figgins Over Ackley?
"There’s simply no other reason for keeping Ackley in Tacoma. Keeping him there does nothing to further stave off the arbitration years and only delays him inevitably taking over second base and forcing the M’s to find a spot in the lineup for Adam Kennedy, who’s been one of their most consistent hitters this season."

Camden Depot (Orioles): Revisiting MLB Realignment and Expansion: Part 1
Why should O's fans be into all the realignment talk?

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): What's on Joey's Mind?
Is Texas sensation Alexi Ogando going to suffer a fatigue-related regression?

The Ray Area: It was a little pitchy, dog
Mark, with a really scary and irresponsible suggestion: "There is simply no reason for Justin Ruggiano – a 5th outfielder... – to avoid contact in a one-run game.... There is no excuse for that avoidance slide (when the catcher clearly had the path to the back corner blocked) and second-chance karate kick at the plate.... I might just call him out for being soft."

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): With Offense on Fire, Drew Is Ice Cold
Charlie Saponara investigates JD Drew's decline.

Royals Authority: Alex Gordon-Has He Really Improved?
Is Gordon's resurgence due to his new swing or luck?

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Progress Report on Jacob Turner
Turner looks like a great addition to a staff headlined by Justin Verlander.

Nick's Twins Blog: Too Many Strikes
Nick digs into the struggles of Minnesota closer Matt Capps.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Appealing to Authority
Brien is starting to lose the faith in the Yankee brass.

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