Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 6/29

Who can figure out the pattern? (Hint: it’s not that hard)

Austin’s Astros 290 Blog: Preseason Picks Update
We all do preseason picks, but I applaud when someone owns up to them.

It Is About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): The Dodgers Bankruptcy: Q&A
I learned about 20 things from reading this.

Baseballin’ on a Budget (A’s): Interview: Dave Gershman, Marlins Daily
So it was mainly written by the Marlins’ guy, but it’s got some interesting nuggets anyway.

Nick’s Twins Blog: The First Step
Yep, it’s time for the Twins to realize that Mauer’s only catching 66-75% of games from here on out.

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Best Reliever in Baseball
Surprise! It’s not Venters, though he’s close.

Royals Authority: Alex Gordon = All-Star
I hadn’t really thought about it, but he A) deserves it and B) is pretty much the only possible Royal.

The answer is, predictably, nothing good.

Blake Street Bulletin (Rockies): The Cautionary Tale of Felipe Paulino
If you really want to impress me, show me the willingness to rethink things you have strong convictions about (not necessarily be persuaded but rethink). Logan does here, and he comes through with some promising conclusions.

Fire Brand of the AL (Red Sox): Dustin Pedroia’s Pain Is Red Sox’ Gain
I forgot he won an MVP Award.

Snakes on Jefferson (D-Backs): As Many as Six Diamondbacks Could Be All-Stars
Of course, the one year I give up on the D-Backs …

“A superior product being offered as, according to ESPN The Magazine, the most affordable ticket in sports is the lowest attended product in its league. Don’t those sound like problems to any reasonable person?”

Yes, Andruw Jones is still owed more than $11 million, but then again, that’s Coletti’s mistake, right?

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Random Trade Season Thoughts
“There are a couple of things worth keeping in mind here: (a) team needs often prove fluid, such that what looks like a strength today is a weakness in 3-4 more weeks' time (and vice versa), (b) a lot of these public refutations turn out to be posturing, or at least a tactic out of the "it's better if we look disinterested" playbook, and (c) something rings a little strange about Ryan's specific criticisms of Beltran and K-Rod”

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Believe the Hype
“By the way, the Braves are right behind the Phillies with a team ERA+ at 124.” Huh, what? This was mostly about the Phillies?

As I typed this, Jack Cust hit a double.

I had no idea where this was going to go from the title, but the title and the post both have conclusions I agree with.

Nationals Baseball: No holes?
The real lesson, ladies and gentlemen, is not to listen to Boswell to begin with.

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