Monday, June 27, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 6/27

This time, in reverse alphabetical order! Stuff just got real.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees)New York Media Continues to Knock Down Burnett Strawman
"Ironically, it seems it’s the people who most like to criticize Burnett who seem to also think the most of his talents. The rest of us realize that Burnett is a C-plus pitcher giving you C-plus results."

Royals AuthoritySong Remains the Same
Written before the Royals won two of three while the Twins were swept to put the latter back in the cellar, but still. Last week's sweep at the hands of the Diamondbacks in Kansas City left Craig with a familiar feeling.

Blake Street Bulletin (Rockies)Trade Game
Logan talks with Harper of Nationals Baseball about a hypothetical swap to send Dexter Fowler to Washington.

Thoughts on a very frustrating loss to the Orioles.

Fire Brand of the AL (Red Sox)The Sunday Red Sox Excursive
As the name suggests, this one meanders a bit, from this weekend's opponents (the Pirates) to the dearth of right-handed outfielders to the team's playing-without-a-DH problem, and more.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers)Sunday Morning Open Thread: Four Questions
As he does every week, Joey gives you four interesting Rangers-related questions to ponder.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies)Heath Bell and Bullpen Help
"A reliever like Bell would simultaneously lighten the load on the three most reliable relievers – two of whom aren’t the most seasoned of veterans, for what that’s worth – while adding an arm that’s produced 341.1 IP of 2.56 ERA baseball with 9.5 K/9 since 2007."

Thoughts on Brian Matusz, and on Josh Hamilton's day baseball-eye color theory.

Nationals Baseball: Various Riggleman posts:
As you might imagine, Harper has a lot of thoughts on Riggleman, Rizzo and Davey Johnson -- in chronological order, hereherehere, and here.

Joe and other "Wally Backers" wonder whether the new Nats manager will make Backman the new Nats bench coach.

Jon puts together kind of a prospect-expert round table to get opinions on whether Liddi can cure the Mariners of the Figgins/Kennedy blues.

Bay City Ball (Giants)Jonathan Sanchez is "hurt"
Pondering the Zito-for-Sanchez switch and what the Giants might actually be thinking.

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs)Curse? There Ain't No Stinking Cub Curse!
A video and text review of the book of stories by that name, which isn't really about the Cubs curse very much at all. 

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Thinking Larry Parrish's Days May Be Numbered
"Most of us understand and preach that [Braves hitting coach] Parrish has got to go, but I think the Braves’ front office and management are beginning to realize it too."

Ghostrunner on First (Blue Jays)The Carlos Villanueva Recognition Coalition
Archi has a look at who (and what) the most surprisingly helpful member of the 2011 Blue Jays' rotation really is, complete with some fun footnotes and a graph and stuff.

Baseballin' on a Budget (Athletics)Minor League Digest, June 24 edition
A rundown of the current status of the various teams in the A's farm system.

Austin's Astros 290 BlogGame of inches, game of batteries
The Astros had to change catchers mid-inning, and Wandy Rodriguez came unglued. Austin doesn't think that was a coincidence.

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