Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Beginning...

We promised to let you guys know soon about any changes going on at The Platoon Advantage. Today is one such day, though there will be others to follow soon. We're excited to announce that, beginning this morning, you can find our work on Baseball Prospectus once a week for the rest of 2012, and, if we don't burn the place down, hopefully more often after that. We all have been reading BPro for years, love the strong writing and analysis that they do, and were incredibly flattered when they asked us to come on board.

Today Bill starts us off by writing about allowing baseball fandom to trump numbers, and allowing those numbers to complement baseball fandom. A fitting introduction to our general philosophy here on TPA.

As for TPA, it's not going away. Our work is going to continue to appear here regularly, and will coninue to be the strong mix of history, stats, and current events, covered with the passion and irreverence that you've come to expect. And we'll keep reveling in the minutia that makes the game we love so special. Thanks to all of you for reading.


Vidor said...

So from now on a lot of your work is going to be hidden behind the BP subscription wall.

The Common Man said...

Some of it, Vidor. That's how BP operates. And money is something we all need.

However, we don't anticipate there will be much of a drop off, if any at all, in how much we're posting on TPA. We're only posting one article over there per week between the four of us. So consider this a bonus, and an incentive to get a BP subscription, if you don't already have one.

Bill said...

Yeah, it's currently one post a week, from just one of our writers. Since adding our fourth regular contributor, I think we've averaged close to 10 posts per week over here. I don't think 10% is "a lot."

And I don't expect this to be the norm, but last night I wrote both the BPro article and a post for TPA (it goes live at 1:00 central), so in this case, there's no dropoff at all.

Also, it's possible that some or much of the BP content will not end up behind the paywall. They make those decisions on an article-by-article basis.

But: if you don't have a BP subscription, you're missing out on a lot of great stuff. I know money is tight these days and everything, but it's less than $3.50 a month.

mattymatty said...

How dare you not give us all your work for free!

Just kidding, guys. Congratulations. You all deserve it. Especially Jason though. He deserves it more.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Geez, Vidor, it's only $3.95 a month. These guys are worth more than one order of McDonald's fries each month.