Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome One and All

The Common Man has been fortunate enough to be blogrolled by the lovely and delightful Dr. Isis today, and he wishes to welcome any and all of you who visit here from her divine site. If you want a better sense of what the site is about, I'd look here for The Common Man's extended exchange with BikeMonkey on the nature of religion and atheism, here for The Common Man's recommendation of Firefly, the single greatest show ever, and here for The Common Man's treatise on spanking and what he will do to the first teacher who ever lays a hand on The Boy (The Common Man's two-year old son). Or feel free to browse on your own. The Common Man also reviews film, books, and beer, and talks extensively about politics and popular culture. And about being a man, a father, and a son. And, in honor of your visit, here are some fireworks:

And an idiot sticking his hand in an alligator's mouth:


Bunk said...

First time to the blog here. Really like the content I see so far and look forward to what you have rolled up your sleeves in the future.

Gonna subscribe to this one.

The Common Man said...

Bunk, The Common Man welcomes you and hopes you stick around.