Friday, February 25, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 2/25

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): The '11 Braves--Baserunning
Peter says that the Braves' bad baserunning will, if everything breaks right, cost them only about half a win this season.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): LaTroy Hawkins Should Fit In New Role
As long as that role doesn't involve Twitter, it should be good. I'm following LaTroy, and let me tell you, it's been brutal.  All inspirational messages.  Good for him, by the way, for being so positive.  But it's tough on cynical bloggers like me who want some context and personality.

Fungoes (Cardinals):  Managing tactic for the 2011 Cardinals?
Cards bloggers discuss what tricky tactics they'd most like to see Tony LaRussa employ this year.

The View From the Bleachers (Cubs): Lose a prime Piece of Your Rotation? Call Jim Hendry!!
Joe generously offers some of his team's excess starters to the Cards to replace Adam Wainwright

Dodgers Thoughts: With Padilla out, who is the Dodgers' No. 6 starter?
Jon Weisman runs through the backup options for the Dodgers' backup option.

Bay City Ball (Giants): Name That Mystery Player
Chris finds an interesting comp for Pablo Sandoval.  That comp has never been photographed like this, however.

Mets Today: Offseason Changes: Phillies
Joe runs through the chances of the scariest team in the NL East.

Nationals Baseball: Anyone hear anything about Bryce Harper?
Harper takes us through the ups and downs of the Bryce Harper Hype Machine, which Jon Heyman is official on.

Ducksnorts (Padres): Regardless of Venue, Homers Are Hard to Come By in San Diego
No matter the ballpark, the Padres just can't seem to hit homers in San Diego.

Redleg Nation (Reds): Oh Jonny
Did he or did he not sing about Wainwright's injury? Chad Dotson break it down.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Potential Phillies Lineups
Who's going to bat where for the Phils?  And does it actually matter?

Ghostrunner on First (Blue Jays): Projectin' Thangs-Pitchers
Drew ponders the very optimistic projections for Blue Jays pitchers.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Bradley vs. Saunders
Would the Mariners actually consider giving LF back to Milton Bradley? Masochists.

Weaver's Tantrum (Orioles): Roberts' Neck
The O's shots at respectability will take a tumble if Brian Roberts' neck doesn't heal.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers):  The Crucible
How hard is it to be above replacement level? Prashanth Francis does some cool math, makes some charts, and comes up with the answer.

The Ray Area: Did I invent a time machine?
Mark understandably goes off on Ken Rosenthal's suggestion that baseball may revisit contraction, and that the Rays could be on the chopping block.

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Red Sox Shut Down Doubront
The Red Sox are taking the conservative route with their young starter.

Royals Authority: Rewind Yourself
Craig Brown breaks down the seriously deranged diatribe that Jason Kendall laid down this week.

The Daily Fungo: Tigers Podcast 128
In which Mike touches on the Miguel Cabreara situation and the 2B competition.

Nick's Twins Blog: Span's Grounders Must Get Moving
How can Denard Span turn it around after a disappointing 2010?

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): It's Not Personal Sonny, It's Strictly Business
Brien takes Mitch Williams to task for his idiotic and immature take on the Rangers/Michael Young situation.

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