Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TPA Hits ESPN on the SweetSpot, Part 2

Yesterday, in addition to starting our Hall of Fame voting projections, we had five articles up over at The SweetSpot on ESPN.com.  In case you missed them, the links and a brief description are below.  Feel free to peruse them at your leisure.

Hall of Fame Should Lower the Voting Threshold
To deal with the upcoming backlog of candidates, Bill and TCM argue convincingly for the election threshold to drop from 75% to 66%.

Jose Bautista's Win-Win Deal
The Common Man is pretty bullish on Bautista's new deal, from both his perspective and that of the Blue Jays.

More on Jim Edmonds and the Hall
Bill makes the case for Jim Edmonds, which will be largely ignored by the voters in five years.

On Michael Young and Fandom
TCM tackles the notion that Young has somehow been "wronged" by the Rangers.

People Still Don't Get Moneyball
It's been close to a decade since that book came out, and as Bill points out, too many writers are still getting it wrong and oblivious to the lessons it teaches.


Chip said...

Bill -

Since I refuse to comment on ESPN, I wanted to give you props on a tremendous Moneyball article. Keep it up.

Bill said...

Thanks very much, Chip. I appreciate it. I think I might start refusing to comment on ESPN myself. :)