Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Women and Men Who Put Up With Us In Spite of Our Geekdom, and What They Endure to Do It

Last night, The Common Man went out for beers with the fellas, as they say, and left The Uncommon Wife with The Boy and Zeke, the Happy Puppy.  While TCM had a terrific day yesterday, what with the kidneys and the tweeting and the beer, The Uncommon Wife had a little bit more of a struggle.  When TCM returned home, he had the following conversation with his beloved, which she has been kind enough to turn into an XtraNormal:

Yes, like many of you out there in the Internets, The Common Man is a geek.  And for some reason this wonderful woman, like your wonderful significant other men and women, continues to love him.  Remember to thank them tonight for putting up with our idiosynchisies.  Thanks, honey!  (And, also, thank you Tom Tango!)


BikeMonkey said...

she sounds like kind of a whiner to me doodbro.

Mimi said...

A whiner, BikeMonkey? Let's see YOU carry a baby, care for a preschooler, clean up dog poop and vomit and NOT whine! She wasn't, by the way.

The Oriole Way said...

I'm pretty sure my wife and I have had this exact same conversation, only it occurred when I pushed past 200 Twitter followers.

Fantastic stuff. I hope you gave your wife a great big hug.

pheromone cologne said...

Just give your wife a big hug and kiss and she won't struggle thats for sure.