Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Coolest Thing Ever

by The Common Man

One of The Common Man’s favorite internety-basebally sites, Flip Flop Fly Ballin’ is currently putting together musical histories of each team. So far, he’s done the Yankees, Dodgers, Indians, and Blue Jays and they’re absolutely fascinating. This is one of the most imaginative baseball-related features on the internet right now, and Craig Robinson’s site has become a must-visit for TCM. It should be for you too. (A fun game: Each time a team wins the World Series, Craig inserts a “ding.” Try to match each ding with a World Series.)

Update: As an added bonus, when you go to Flip Flop Fly Ballin', you're treated to amazing finds like this. Seriously, just click the link. You won't be sorry.

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