Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girls Can Catch Too

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Bo Wyble jumping aside and allowing his girlfriend, Sara Saco-Veritz to get hit by a foul ball at a recent Astros game. This morning, because literally nothing else important was happening in the news, CBS’s The Early Show landed an exclusive interview with these crazy kids. In this interview, we learn several important things:

1) Bo Wyble is not only a preening douche-nozzle (torn jeans on national TV? Really?) but mumbles to the point where you can barely understand him.
2) Sara has a high tolerance for pain. TCM’s sure she’s seen and been through a lot.
3) The couple has, sadly, broken up. God, didn’t we all think they were going to make it? What hope do the rest of us have? And
4) Harry Smith is a raging misogynist. Witness:

“In normal everyday life, when a foul ball comes your way, do you know what men do? They stand up and catch the foul ball.”

“You’re a lady. And you’re a man. And the man is supposed to…that’s what you do, if you go to ball games and you’re with a girl…you’re supposed to catch the ball and hand it to her and she’s supposed to go ‘oh-huh-huh-huh’ [that’s supposed to be worshipful excitement].”

Look, The Common Man understands that she was being screened by this moron. But, seriously, are women supposed to be helpless and unable to move five feet out of the way or even, God forbid, catch a baseball themselves? If Sara Saco-Veritz can’t catch the baseball, isn’t that her fault? The Common Man is all for chivalry, but let’s not pretend that women are delicate flowers in constant need of our protection. Women serve in combat. Women box. Women birth children. Women are pretty freaking tough and plenty coordinated. And if a particular woman is unable or unwilling to protect herself in a situation like this, that’s as much her fault as the idiot she’s with.

For the record, The Uncommon Wife would push TCM out of the way and grab the foul ball herself. And she’d keep it. Let The Boy get his own. He’s got to learn sometime.

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