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SweetSpot Roundup 8/16

by The Common Man and Bill
Good morning and welcome to Week 2 of The Platoon Advantage. As The Common Man wrote on Friday, a new blog means new features, which is why he and BILL are collaborating to bring you the SweetSpot Roundup, a look at what SSN writers are saying. Each weekday, we'll provide links and a quick summary or quote from each site that's posted new content, and you'll presumably go wherever you want. In the end, we hope that you'll start your day here with us and catch up with what's happening around the league, or just with your favorite team. OK, on to the linky goodness.

ProBall NW (Mariners): M’s sending seven to Arizona Fall League
Jon Shields breaks down the Mariners prospects headed to the AFL in October, including 2009 number one draft pick (#2 overall) 2B Dustin Ackley and 2008 1st round pick (20th overall) Joshua Fields.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Keeping the Hottest Hitter in the World
What do you do with Josh Hamilton? He’s an elite bat, but he’s also likely to command a big payday through arbitration this Winter, and will be a free agent (at the age of 32) after 2012. He’s got a significant injury history, and his personal issues also add some risk to the equation. Hamilton may be the first big test of the Greenberg regime.

Royals Authority: Royals Minor League Team Pitching Heat Charts
Checking in on the Royals farm clubs shows a lot to be excited about in the high minors.

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Video: Blast from the Past
An awesome video of Alan Trammell and Sweet Lou Whitaker from Magnum P.I., circa 1983. It’s as horribly acted and contrived as you expect it to be. Which means it’s terrific.

Sox Machine (White Sox): A Nation Turns its Lonely Eyes to Teahen
Mark Teanhen is back from the disabled list. This is not a good thing.

It’s About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Baseball should not tolerate Rob Dibble
In light of his ridiculously and cluelessly sexist comments last week, the IIATMS team thinks that professional Neanderthal and mouth-breather Rob Dibble’s got to go. Ditto from this end, incidentally.

The Capital Avenue Club (Braves): This is sad.
“That line up is not going to score a lot of runs. The first three hitters never walk. Wasn’t Bobby saying he fixed the offense by putting high-OBP guys at the top of the order like three months ago?”

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs): Game 116: Who Is That Guy?
News and notes from the Cubs’ and little-known rookie Thomas Diamond’s 6-3 Friday loss to the Cards: “The Cubs’ bats went silent against Westbrook, a solid pitcher who has struggled to stay healthy since a 15-10 season in 2006. As per usual, LaRussa and Duncan are working magic with a veteran starting pitcher. He should really help the Cardinals down the stretch.”

Austin’s Astros 290 Blog: Happ, Pence Lead Astros to Sweep
“[The Astros are] playing with far more energy, excitement and fun than I’ve seen in years. As a result, they out-scored the Pirates 13-0 after the fifth inning throughout the series. In fact, during they game, they showed that the Astros are leading the league in runs scored from sixth inning on after the All Star break."

Dodger Thoughts: Dodgers Flicker, Then Flounder
“If the Dodgers want to ride the 2010 wave as far as it will take them, even if it leaves them shy of the promised land, I will ride it with them until the last drop reaches its grainy end. There's plenty of time to mourn the year – I don't mind dreaming the improbable dream, even if I believe in it a lot less than 100 percent.”

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): Mat Gamel’s 2010
“Gamel’s not going to be a superstar, but with how much he’s cut down on his strikeouts, Gamel should be able to jump in right away and contribute as a solidly above average major league hitter.”

Mets Today: K-Rod Activated, Mets Remain Impotent
“Once again, the Mets show their impotence, and cower to the opinions of others rather than taking the bull by the horns and making their own decision on a situation. If the Mets cared one bit about their “brand”, the team, their fans, Francisco Rodriguez, and Rodriguez’s family, the punishment would have been delivered harsher, swifter, and with conviction."

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Cole Hamels Desperately Needs Run Support
“Another excellent Cole Hamels start, another loss. Hamels has been among the best starters in baseball this season, especially since the beginning of May, but his offense couldn’t hit water if they jumped off the Titanic so long as he’s on the mound.”

Bay City Ball (Giants): Giants Do Something Wacky
“Also, I know that our outfield has rated quite well this year, but remove Andres Torres from the mix and we’ve got Pat Burrell, Aaron Rowand, Jose Guillen, and Aubrey Huff as the primary “defenders” in the outfield. That’s just a tad bit scary."

Nationals Baseball: Welcome Back You Sabermetrician Infuriating Son of a Gun
Nats fans are reduced to dreaming on John Lannan.

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