Monday, August 30, 2010

SweetSpot Weekend Roundup August 30

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Brandon Beachy Scouting Report
"It’s hard to find a more interesting story in all of minor league baseball than that of Brandon Beachy.... [A] non-drafted free agent reliever convert becomes a dominant starter at AAA after just a bit more than two years of professional baseball, you probably wouldn’t find a story like this anywhere but with the Braves."

A View from the Bleachers (Cubs): In the News: Cubs Win! Booooo!
Apparently, some Cubs fans are upset that the Cubs are still trying to win, because it lowers their draft position. This is a troubling attitude in the NBA or NFL; it's downright batty in the MLB, where there is so very, very little connection between draft position within a round and future value. Alex Gordon and Jeff Clement were taken before Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Braun, etc., etc., etc.

Austin's Astros 290 Blog: Astros Spend Weekend Beating Themselves
"Well, it was definitely not a pretty end to the road trip.  The Astros followed up their impressive four-game sweep at Philly with an ugly matinee, dropping two of three in a series with the Mets when the Astros frequently fell to their own miscues."

Dodger Thoughts: Dodgers 6, Rockies 2: 'A modest thing,' and now what?
A win on Friday gives Dodger fans some hope for an improbable playoff run (though it was followed by losses on Saturday and Sunday). Also, of course: the Manny Ramirez decision.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): John Lucroy's First 50 Games
Is John Lucroy the Crew's catcher of the future, or just a young version of old Jason Kendall?

Mets Today: Game 130: Win Over Astros
"Back to .500 -- now what?" Well, certainly not the playoffs, but that R.A. Dickey sure is fun to follow.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Down but Certainly Not Out
Posted on Friday after the ugly sweep at the hands of the lowly Astros, Bill points out that the Phillies still had a great shot at making a run. That was before the sweep of the Padres that put them in the wildcard lead, just 2 games back of the Braves for the division, and made their chances look very good indeed.

Ducksnorts (Padres): Friday Links (27 Aug 10)
Lots and lots of interesting links. Plenty of stathead stuff, and some really good general interest stuff too.

Bay City Ball (Giants): Labwork: 'Advanced' Offense Heatmap
Very interesting. A color-coded chart shows who's been pulling the weight in the Giants' offense, under a variety of offensive metrics (hint: it's mostly Aubrey Huff).

Fungoes (Cardinals): Cardinals More Lucky than Good Friday Night
The Nats' offense crushed the Cards' in every possible way on Friday, except in actually getting runners across the plate. Of course, most fans would chalk this up to the Cardinals being more "clutch" or some such. Pip knows better.

Nationals Baseball: See Everyone in 2013
And I thought the big news itself was depressing: "If any Nats fans were thinking about a two-year long vacation... now would be the time. Even if everything goes as well as possible, you're still looking at 2012 as a recovery year for Strasburg so you can't even plan on that being a good year."

The B-List (Indians): The B-List
“Lucky Mitch Talbot and Unlucky Mitch Talbot are the same Mitch Talbot”

Pro Ball NW: Not So Happy Pineda Day
“I decided to take in last night’s Tacoma Rainiers game as long as I was here, especially as it was a Michael Pineda start and he’s right near his innings limit for 2010. Unfortunately, Pineda showed that he is indeed right at his innings limit, and that there are nothing but good reasons to shut him down for the year, and to do it right now.” This just in: The Mariners listened.

Baseball Time in Arlington: Mike Kirkman’s Bizarre Odyssey
Where in the world did the Rangers’ new relief star come from?

Fire Brand of the American League: Jed Lowrie and the Sudden Chance to Shine
“Granted, he is a guy without a position, and if health is a skill, he is terrible at that — but we are talking about a player with pedigree who was developed by the Red Sox Minor League machine. This is a system that has brought you a cast of stars and superstars and will continue to do so. Think it over before you just write him off because of a tough run of luck and health during a critical initiation period.”

Royals Authority: Doubles and Double Plays
"Kevin Seitzer has taken a fair share of credit for the Royals increased batting average, but that’s empty praise. For a hitting coach to truly make a difference, he needs to work with players on an individual basis to get the most out of their abilities. This year, Butler has fallen short of his potential. He and Seitzer need to get together and work on refining his swing so he can generate more loft."

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Tigers Today
I call shenanigans: “1966—Denny McLain tosses 229 pitches…to notch his 16th victory.”

Nick’s Twins Blog: Post-Waiver Wizard Waves Wand Again
“Fuentes, now 35, isn't quite the elite reliever he was during those prime years with the Rockies and he's now miscast as a closer. As a set-up man specializing in shutting down left-handed hitters, though, you can't do a whole lot better.”

Sox Machine (White Sox): Threets out, and no backup in sight
The Sox are conspicuously short on relievers, as everybody’s ending up on the DL. I’d feel bad, but these are the White Sox we’re talking about. By the way, check out the machine later today for some Manny Ramirez reaction.

It’s About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Will AJ Lose His Rotation Spot?
It’s all there in the title. Should he? Probably.

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