Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 8/17

By The Common Man and Bill

Weaver’s Tantrum (Orioles): On Deck—The Seattle Mariners
A preview of what Dave was hoping would be an easy series (though that first one was a bear). As Dave says, though, “Nothing on the field today is more important than the efforts to sign Manny Machado and other draft picks.”

Sox Machine (White Sox): Putz-ing on the Fritz
Trying to pin down the cause of J.J. Putz’s recent struggles.

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Weekend Recap: Two of Three, Rare Feats, and Surging Raburn
“It’s too late to impact this season but the Tigers taking two of three from the White Sox in Chicago — no matter the circumstances — always feels great.”

Royals Authority: Top of the Morning from the Bottom of the AL Central
News and notes from last weekend in Royaldom, including Craig’s prediction for the your 2010 Royals starting five.

Nick’s Twins Blog: Slowey Taking His Foot Off the Brakes
“While he was brilliant yesterday, the game was emblematic of his plight this season; Slowey was extremely advanced and poised in his approach, but his lack of truly outstanding stuff forced him to sometimes be too fine around the strike zone (three walks) and also resulted in a lot of extended at-bats from two-strike foul balls. Even when he's at his best, which he clearly was yesterday…it seems he's still just a few notches short of the elite caliber he flashed in the minors.”

It’s About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): An Opportunity to Do Some Damage
Brien looks at the Yankees’ upcoming schedule (Tigers, Mariners, Jays, ChiSox, A’s) against the Rays’ (Rangers, A’s, Angels, Red Sox, Jays) and sees the potential for good things.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Rainers: Robles, a Scare, and Offense!
Conor takes a trip down to Tacoma (one of Bill’s old stomping grounds!), primarily to observe the AAA debut of 21 year old starting pitcher prospect and Washburn trade product Marcilio Robles.

Baseball Time In Arlington (Rangers): "The Hidden Value of Cliff Lee"
Cliff Lee is great. Duh. But are we actually undervaluing his contributions to the Rangers?

Austin’s Astros Blog: “The Progression of Bud Norris
Austin charts the rise of Bud Norris and sees a new star in the Houston night sky.

Capitol Avenue Clubhouse (Braves): “Monday Notes - Draft Signings
The Braves raced the deadline to sign some first-round talent from the late rounds of the draft.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): “Prince Fielder and Clutch
How much have Prince’s struggles in the clutch hurt the Brew Crew, and is Fielder actually “unclutch?”

Fungoes (Cardinals): “Cardinals take the long view in loss to the Cubs
Pip argues that Tony LaRussa waived the white flag against the Cubs on Sunday, replacing his stars in the fifth with scrubs, and cost the team a winnable game.

View from the Bleachers (Cubs): “Great Moments in Cub Busts History: Jeff Blauser
“Gordon Gekko once said, ‘Never get emotional about stock.’ The same is true for mediocre middle infielders.”

Dodger Thoughts: “The Good or the Bad of It
Jon Weisman is hoping against hope for a Dodger turnaround: “If the Dodgers win their upcoming series against Colorado and Cincinnati as part of a 6-1 week, while Philadelphia and San Francisco (who play each other starting Tuesday) beat each other up as part of .500 weeks, the Dodgers might only be three or four games behind in the National League wild card race with six weeks to go.”

Bay City Ball (Giants): First rounder Gary Brown expected to sign
Chris Quick looks at the Giants’ first round pick and doesn’t like what he sees.

Mets Today: “K-Rod ain’t so tough
“K-Rod tore a ligament in his right thumb while he was manhandling an old man. Ouch! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer moron.” [In related news, TCM’s fantasy football team is called The Iron Fist of K-Rod. Obviously, we will finish 14th in the 14 team league.]

Nationals Baseball: “When Good Decisions Go Bad
“Some fans will now look at the Marquis signing and say that it was a bad decision. They'll look at the horrible results for Jason Marquis and how cheaply they got good results from Livan and say ‘SEE! BAD DECISION’ But it wasn't a bad decision. At it's worst it was a completely defensible blah decision.”

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