Friday, April 15, 2011

Podcastin' with a very special guest

Last night, Bill and The Common Man joined forces with Larry Granillo of Baseball Prospectus to talk about the first two weeks of the baseball season.  We talk Twins, Brewers, Manny, Manny vs. Barry, players and teams who have been pleasant surprises, and terrible disappointments.  As a special bonus, hear our reactions in real time as Bill and TCM find out about Joe Mauer's injury.  It's like listening to two already depressed people find out that their favorite uncle just died.

One warning, a random drunk person showed up in the middle of our conversation, and before we figured out how to block him, he managed to get off a really impressive string of profanities. It's incredibly NSFW from about 34:00-38:00 until TCM flushed him for good.  Not our best moment, but the rest of the podcast is relatively profanity free.  Listen after the jump.

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