Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 4/20

In today's roundup, Justin Smoak tends to family business, Michael Young buries the hatchet, Daisuke thinkers with his delivery, Dusty Baker wastes Ardolys Chapman's many talents, and Jonathan Broxton struggles to get anyone out.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Smoak leaves team, Peguero called up
"Smoak has been one of the few bright spots for the Mariners this season but all we can do here is wish him and his family the best as he tends to his ailing father."

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Today is yesterday's tomorrow
All it apparently took to heal the relationship between Jon Daniels and Michael Young was apparently for Young to start cashing his incredibly large paychecks.

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Daisuke's Release Point, First Three Starts
"While I can’t draw any definitive conclusions from three starts, we’re at least seeing Dice-K trying to make adjustments."

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Little Good News for Zumaya
"With today’s news that Zumaya is headed to the 60-day disabled list, with no clear answer on what’s causing the pain in his throwing elbow, I’ve come to grips with the fact his days in Detroit, if not baseball altogether, are reaching the end."  A very sad finish to an electric career.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): How bad do you really want Felix?
Is it really worth it for the Bombers to empty the system to pick up Felix Hernandez?  Also, if you click through, you get a picture of Felix looking exactly like Teal'c, from Stargate SG-1.  What?  Didn't you watch that show?  I am not a nerd!  Ok, I am.

Austin's Astros 290 Blog: Wandy pitches Astros to victory
Recap of a nice 6-1 win for the 'Stros over the Mets.

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Dodgers 4, Braves 2
"I am baffled, irritated, and disturbed by this team’s inability to draw a walk. What is going on? The team has walked 46 times on the year–17 games. Last year they drew their 46th walk during their 10th game. Is this a coaching thing? Have the Braves decided that if walks were so important they’d be on the scoreboard?"

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): Marcum's changeup dices Phillies
Marcum's been great is his first four Brewers starts, and Jack has a look at the pitch that is the reason why.

Fungoes (Cardinals): Probable cause behind the Cardinals' offensive turnaround
After a terrible start, the Cards have been tearing the cover off the ball. As so often happens, a lot of it comes down to BABIP.

View from the Bleachers (Cubs): Game 16 - Cubs Win, Fans Freeze
He's not kidding, either. This is just embarrassingly bad weather for baseball. I'm headed to the Cubs' next three games (not counting the rescheduled game from today). Whee!

Dodger Thoughts: A different set of problems for Jonathan Broxton
This is a lot more than the silly old "he can't get it done in October" complaint: "Broxton is having trouble getting people out, period. He has retired the side in order once in eight outings. He has allowed 13 base runners in 7 1/3 innings while striking out five. He's being touched not just in save situations but in non-save situations. He's allowing runs not in playoff games in October, but mid-week games in April."

Bay City Ball (Giants): Belt, Defense and Other Stuff
Rory Paap abandons his usual long-form format to give you excellent takes on several of the biggest issues facing the team today.

Mets Today: Mets Game 17: Loss to Astros
Notes from the Metropolitans' side of that 6-1 loss at Citi Field. Wait, the Astros scored six runs at Citi Field?

Nationals Baseball: What if they had a game and no one showed
Quick take on the Nats' continuing attendance woes.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Phillies Drop Another Series Opener
Lots of head-butting coverage on the network today. Bill has the Phillies' side of that same Marcum gem Jack looked at above.

Redleg Nation:, Dusty.
A short but important take on Aroldis Chapman and the ludicrousness of continuing to waste him in the 'pen.

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