Thursday, April 28, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 4/28

In today's roundup, Mariano Rivera has been too good for too long, Ethier's too hot to get out, Wilson Ramos is making the Twins look bad, and managing a bullpen is too complicated for Ned Yost.

Austin's Astros 290 Blog: Astros manage a win despite a game full of bad breaks
Tuesday night's game was one of those where just about everything went wrong for the Astros, but they won anyway.

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Braves 8, Padres 2
A thorough recap of and reaction to a badly needed Tuesday-night Braves win.

View from the Bleachers (Cubs): Chet's Corner: Five Burning Questions
Five questions...and links!
"4) How many errors will Starlin Castro finish the season with?
My guess = infinity"
Dodger Thoughts: Ethier's heroics complete Dodgers' comeback, 5-4
Andre Ethier extended his hitting streak earlier in the day, then hit the deciding homer in the tenth. Hard to find a better offensive duo than Ethier and Kemp right now.
Mets Today: Perez, Castillo stay home
"For the second straight year, both Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo chose not to take part in the Mets’ annual visit to Walter Reed Hospital. This time, everyone is very pleased that Perez and Castillo stayed home. What a difference a year makes." There's real stuff in here too -- most notably about Carlos Beltran -- but this made me laugh.
Nationals Baseball: Ramos survived!
"I would think [awesome Wilson Ramos] vs [awful Pudge Rodriguez] should be self-evident. (all catchers are not created equal) but I'm not a veteran manager running a 10-12 clubhouse. Prove me wrong Riggs. Prove me wrong."
Ducksnorts (Padres): Where's Tim Hyers When You need Him?
Geoff takes a look at some aspects of the Padres' home/road performance so far, highlighted by the fact that the pitchers are somehow doing better away from Petco.
Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Statistically Regressing the Phillies' Offense
This is good stuff. Using a tool from Bill Petti at Beyond the Box Score, Bill looks at the projected wOBAs of the Phillies when their performance to date is adjusted by regressing their BABIPs and HR/FB rates toward their recently established norms.
Redleg Nation: Titanic Struggle Recap: We had 'em all the way
"Aroldis Chapman barely knows how to pitch, yet he’s the best pitcher on this team. The phenom came in with one out and two runners on base in the eighth, with the game tied at 6th. He retired the Brewers as if there were nothing to it, then returned to the mound in the bottom of the ninth and was just great. If you get a chance to see a replay, take a look at the slider Chapman threw to Prince Fielder in the ninth. Made a very good hitter look very silly."

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Welcome Back to 2008
A lot of bad news in the Lone Star State

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Breaking Down Buchholz's Start
"There multiple pitching related reasons for his struggles that aren’t directly related to his psyche or concentration.  Among those reasons are a noticeable decline in velocity, poor location, and a mysterious reclassification of his deadly slider into an impotent cutter."

Royals Authority: Questions on the Bullpen
Craig Brown thinks that Ned Yost has completely mismanaged his bullpen so far in 2011.

Nick's Twins Blog: Cloudy Skies
Nick is optimistic. I'm glad somebody is. "Given that they've opened the season with 14 of 21 games on the road -- all on the treacherous East Coast -- a 9-12 record is hardly the worst thing they could be staring at, especially in light of their dreadful season-opening slump on offense."

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Dealing with the monster Mo has created
"It seems as though watching Mo be so consistently good for so long has warped the brains of a large segment of New York writers, and they now expect other relievers to be as consistent as Mo, even though most relievers are extremely volatile in terms of their performance."

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