Thursday, April 21, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 4/21

Today's roundup is all about pitching. Colby Lewis might be hurt, Brett Anderson's the man, James Shields goes the distance, Kyle Davies sucks, and Mike Leake might not be dishonest, just stupid. Also, something seems to be happening in Los Angeles.  Until I learn differently, I'm going to assume Brandon Wood snapped in the Angels locker room, went after his teammates with a bat, but thankfully couldn't hit anything.

Baseballin' on a Budget (A's): (17) Athletics 5, Red Sox 0: The Red Sox Start Five Guys Hitting Less Than .200
Mmm, Five Guys. Brett Anderson is awesome and the A's "offense" makes John Lackey look awesome.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Was that so hard? (6-12)
Recap of a rare Mariners blowout win, led by backup-catcher-turned-emergency first baseman Chris Gimenez and a strong start by Doug Fister.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): What's Wrong With Colby Lewis?
Lewis has lost velocity and effectiveness so far in 2011; Joey investigates. Gotta say, I was sure one of Lewis or Wilson would fall off from 2010, but I picked the wrong one.

The Ray Area: Wait. Just 6? How can that be?
James Shields' great performance the other night was just the sixth complete game of his career, which floored Mark, so he had to look into it.

Fire Brand of the AL (Red Sox): Turmoil in Dodgerland
Chip has several thoughts on Selig's and MLB's shocking sudden takeover of the Dodgers.

Royals Authority: Kyle Davies Is Historically Awful
Wow. Some historical perspective on Davies' career, um, performance. Gotta love the last line.

Nick's Twins Blog: Return on Investment
"The front office invested a lot of money into this 2011 roster and so far they've been ripped off by the hideous product on the field. Hopefully these players can get over their illnesses, rust, slumps and mental blocks in a hurry, because these dismal performances are getting harder to watch for fans and harder to justify for a $112M team that should be amidst a window of contention."

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Great Moments in Fandom (Part 2, Philly Fan Redemption)
The robot guy bounced the throw in Philly yesterday. The Phillies fans booed the robot. Larry likes that.

Austin's Astros 290 Blog: Early Season Anomalies
"It’s early. Very, very early. Don’t get sucked into what you think the stats are telling you. Not yet. That’s what June and July are for." Believe it or not, Carlos Lee is not going to lead the NL in triples.

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Braves 2012 Contract Issues
Good news, as Peter points out, these issues are non-issues.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): has the wrong headline
Jack's got a little swagger back.

View From the Bleachers (Cubs): The Prospect Rule
Like 8 Simple Rules...except there's only one of them and it looks relatively complicated.

Dodger Thoughts: MLB Takes Over Operations of the Dodgers
"I remember when President Nixon had to announce his resignation, and on a personal level, this feels no less momentous."  In other news, Jon Weinstein is old, man.

Bay City Ball (Giants): What to expect from Cody Ross
"For Giants’ pitchers, getting Ross back in the outfield will be welcomed with open arms. Removing Andres Torres because of injury has made the Giants’ OF look old, slow, and sluggish."

Mets Today: Should Brad Emaus Have Been Demoted?
Matt Himelfarb is pretty ok with Emaus' short leash.

Nationals Baseball: Wow, the Mets are bad.
Sometimes, these don't need any commentary.

Ducksnorts (Padres): Missions on a Mission
Geoff checks in on the Padres' minor league affiliates.

Redleg Nation: Mike Leake Arrested (Update)
Chad points out that Mike Leake might not be dishonest, just unbelievably stupid.  Hooray?

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