Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hold the Presses

The Common Man appreciates your patience this morning. He's got a review of the All Star Game last night that needs some editting and will be ready to go, but The Boy is especially punchy this morning, and needs his daddy (and Elmo). In the meantime, enjoy this list, from The Art of Manliness, of the 15 greatest man-cries of all time.

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BillP said...

(1) This post could have used just a little "editting" too.

(2) Discussion question for your later post: given that managers are never going to give up the idea of trying to get everybody in the game (because we've gotten to the point where lots of players wouldn't show if they didn't think they'd get to play), should they be permitted to reinsert players (as though the game started over, with the lineup at that time as the starters) in the event the game goes beyond the 9th inning?
Correct answer: Yes.