Friday, July 11, 2008


Hi, and welcome to The Common Man v. 2.0. My name is Rodney, and I'm in charge of the web page. You'll notice some changes around here, the first being our new address and layout. We're going for a real minimalist look around here, since the boss says that men don't like to decorate. That said, we're also trying to find ways to make the site more interactive than before. We'll have a new poll question every week and I invite all of you to comment, since I know The Common Man likes to know he has people reading his important work. And feel free to subscribe to the The Common Man's RSS feed on the sidebar. New postings will appear here daily (including weekends) as we try to build the blog's readership. Enjoy.

So, what else? A quick note about me. I'm 27 and was living in my mom's basement when the boss found me and imbued me with purpose. He told me I was wasting my life, playing Halo 3 in the dark, by myself. While he admitted that Halo 3 was awesome, and even sat down and showed me some moves, he said that a man has eventually got to make his own dinner and wash his own clothes and have sex in an elevator, or he can never become a man. So, 3 weeks later, I moved out and agreed to be his personal web lackey/grasshopper/best friend ever. I'm still working on the elevator, but everything else seems to be going well. Anyway, I won't be around much, just to let everyone know about changes to the blog and to talk about my metamorphosis.

And now, without further ado, here's the man himself:

Greetings, fellow travelers. It is said that in times of great crisis, when dark, ominous clouds dominate the horizon and the oceans dash ships of dreams on rocky shoals, that he will will come. A hero will arise and will protect the people from threats from within and without. He will set the world aright.

And so, it is with great enthusiasm that The Common Man announces his return to the blogosphere, just in time to watch that man hit the silver screen on July 19th. The Common Man has been touring the world with The Uncommon Wife and The Boy, seeking wisdom and resolve. From the fertile fields of the American north to the dry deserts of Egypt, from the depths of his basement to the hallowed halls of Nanda Parbat, The Common Man has consulted with kings, prophets, and marketing gurus. As a result, The Common Man returns not just older and wiser (and with more time on his hands), but with a renewed determination to spread his ideological seed and a new web design (all together, now: oooh! ahhhh).

Taken as a whole, The Common Man is dissatisfied with the ways that contemporary media defines the interests of the American male. Sure, sports show up very
brightly on his radar. And so do women. And big, crazy action movies. The Common Man is sympathetic to that. He loves those things too, and promises ample opportunity for you to discuss them. That said, when Americans let their popular culture drive and determine contemporary masculinity, important aspects of manliness get the short shrift. It's essential for men to discuss their responsibilities as well as their revelries. Current events as well as cup sizes. This is a site about the things men should care about, that women are welcome to read too (especially if you leave a phone number).

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Common Man. Your public missed you.