Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stupid Man Tricks

This is going to be a regular feature here at The Common Man. Men do stupid things because it is in their nature, and The Common Man wants to celebrate that unabashed, uncomplicated, unwise bravery and brashness. So, every day or two, he will provide you with more evidence that the male species is just a little off. Just a little different. Just a little in need of some therapy.

The Common Man promised explosions, and he supposes he must oblige in his first edition of Stupid Man Tricks. Explosions, of course, are awesome, something The Common Man tried (in vain) to explain to a seven year old girl who was playing in the back yard with The Boy. Perhaps she just hasn't seen the right explosion. Or maybe women just will never get it. The beauty, the power, and the stupidity in just blowing something up.

And without further ado:

Thoughts anyone? The Common Man is afraid his first effort may be hard to top.

1 comment:

The Uncommon Wife said...

This remains the damned funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.