Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stupid Man Tricks

Here's the latest installment of stupid stuff men do. It's not as destructive or as awesome as exploded whale chunks, but it is proof that, if you get enough ex-fraternity brothers and enough beer together, guys will try damn near anything. The Common Man cannot urge you enough to not try this at home, no matter how drunk you get on Leinenkugel's Berryweiss. Go ahead, try not to cringe.

The amazing thing, to The Common Man, is the reaction that follows from the golfer and the peanut gallery. First, The Common Man would not let anyone short of Tiger Woods hit a golf ball off his face, but assuming he had had a LOT of Berryweiss and agreed to this idiocy, he'd pick a golfer he was reasonably sure could do the job without causing thousands of dollars of reconstructive dental surgery. The "I can't believe I actually pulled it off response from the golfer and the amazement of the crowd of idiots egging him on suggests that none of them had confidence in this ending well. At this point, The Common Man man would be nervously smoking a cigarette and shaking in the corner, mumbling "so close, so so close."

One final thought, how come nobody is congratulating and celebrating the dummy who risked the shape and functionality of his face to bring everyone such a spectacular and stupidly compelling video. That man deserves some glory. And another beer.

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