Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stupid Man Tricks

The Common Man is suffering from survivor's guilt today. Both The Boy and The Uncommon Wife have been felled by a mysterious flu bug. That survivor's guilt is important. It demonstrates empathy, genuine human compassion. That's something that is missing more and more in today's men, the ability to genuinely empathize with others. Take for instance the friends of this young man:

After he obliterates himself up against that pillar, their primary concern is for him to slide the rest of the way down (undoubtedly hoping to watch him splat again). Wouldn't the world be a better place if people weren't so eager to watch their friends break their bodies by slammming into pillars? Sure, it's funny to watch, but shouldn't you be the least bit horrified/remorseful at the site of your buddy upside-down between two escalators?

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The Uncommon Wife said...

I think that this video proves when the friends lament that he broke his bottle of Jagermeister upon impact, that most SMTs are fueled by alcohol.