Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stupid Man Tricks

Sure, gas prices have dropped a little in recent days. Why, it's even under $4.00/gallon in The Common Man's neck of the woods. But that doesn't mean that the oil and gas crisis is in the rearview mirror. Indeed, this brief respite, and the relief people feel at paying only $3.85 per gallon only underscores how broken the national infrastructure and transportation system is. Over at Return to Manliness, Kevin is arguing that U.S. drivers need some tough love, "High gas prices are here to stay and we must adjust several aspects of our lives before the pain starts to subside. Nobody is coming to the rescue. We must do what every generation has done before us and sacrifice today for tomorrow’s security and success." Though his ideas are extreme, many of his proposals, such as making driving within downtown areas prohibitively expensive (as London did), increasing the number of carpool lanes at the expense of regular lanes, and ending new road construction in favor of mass transit construction, can help set the tone for an America that is more independent of foreign oil.

Inspired by Return to Manliness, this individual is doing his part to help end the gas crisis:

He has since, undoubtedly, traded in his gas-guzzling pickup truck for a new Prius, and delivered a profound statement about American energy consumption. That message? The United States is headed straight for a telephone pole of disproportionate oil imports and unimaginably high prices, and it will crash suddenly and violently if someone doesn't get off the damn roof, back in the car, and turn the wheel.

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Kevin (ReturnToManliness) said...

This is hilarious. Next week's tough love...how to punish the purely moronic...all kinds of politically incorrect solutions to that puzzle.

Thanks for the link. I enjoy you finding these off the wall videos and sharing. Amazing what people do....