Thursday, October 14, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 10/14

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Will the Red Sox Go with Mike Cameron in 2011?
Will Cameron have a starting role in Boston again next year? Darryl thinks so (and I don't think that would be such a bad thing).

Sox Machine (White Sox): Mitchell! season begins in Arizona
The AFL season begins, and Jared Mitchell plays his first baseball since suffering a terrible accident in spring training.

Royals Authority: Royals Player of the Year
Craig ranks your top three position players, with the pitchers to follow.

Nick's Twins Blog: Missing Lee
The Twins were once considered (in the media, anyway) the front-runners to land Cliff Lee, and it's tempting to think that might have made the difference. Nick doesn't think so.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Change of Plan
Will on the Yankees' rotation change for the ALCS.

The Ray Area: Heads Up Tampa Bay
"Do we know this “era” of Rays’ baseball is over?  Of course not.  We won’t know that until they start playing games again in 2011.  Do we know the next “era” of Rays’ baseball won’t be just as good or — dare I say it — better?  Of course not.  But let’s go ahead and kick everyone while they are down.  Also, let’s pretend like this team is a disappointment because they never won a World Series.  That is, quite simply, absurd."

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): The Hero Of The Rangers Franchise
Cliff Lee is really, really, really, really good.

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Top Prospects Year In Review
CAC looks at how the top youngsters faired in 2010.

The View From the Bleachers (Cubs):  2010 Cubs Report Card, Starting Pitchers
"There are a lot of ways you can look at these report cards. As for me, I tend to lean toward evaluating guys based on my expectations of them."  Then how on God's green Earth does Carlos Silva get a B?  What exactly were you expecting from him?

Dodger Thoughts: Scott Elbert Looking for Relieve in More Ways Than One
The former top prospect opens up a little about his past and his future.

Nationals Baseball: Super Starter #1 Trade Bait
This might be my favorite line ever: "[GM Mike] Rizzo seems pretty confident he can get the Nationals a #1 starter through a trade....  Since we have nothing better to do, let's play in Rizzo's dream world, the place where Carlos Pena swings a candy cane bat and hits a marshmallow ball safely into play one out of every 5 times."

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Phillies-Giants NLCS Preview, Starting Eight
Bill thinks the Giants have the advantage at 1B.  Logically, should Aubrey Huff get a 5 year, $125 million extension?

Redleg Nation: GMs Come and Go
On this day in Reds History, the club hired a GM in 1987.  They fired him exactly two years later.

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