Thursday, October 28, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 10/28

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Arizona Fall League Update
Conor looks at the M's youngsters playing in Arizona right now.  The news on uber-prospect Dustin Ackley's pretty good.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Wednesday Afternoon Notes
News on Rangers roster changes, Sandy Alderson, Cliff Lee, and World Series previews.

The Ray Area: The Hidden Payroll Disadvantage
"The Yankees ability to sign a marquee free agent — like CC Sabathia, Mark Texiera, or AJ Burnett — in December isn’t really what gives them a competitive advantage over the Rays.  Rather, it is the financial flexibility that allows the Yankees to remedy December roster mistakes by adding payroll during the season."

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): The Worst Trade in Red Sox History
Revisiting the notorious Jeff Bagwell for Larry Anderson deal, amongst others.

Royals Authority: Kansas City Royals Bullets
A whole mess of excellent Royals news, analysis, and links. 

Nick's Twins Blog: Ace in the Hole
"Aces are exceedingly difficult to come across and Liriano gives the Twins their best shot at having one over the next several years, so it's imperative that they keep him under team control."

Sox Machine (White Sox): Castro, Thornton on the Pick-up Truck, Plan No. 4
Jim checks in on the Sox' offseason plan, which is currently on track.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Wrapping Up 2010, What Went Wrong
Lots of great stuff on IIATMS today.  Though anything that starts with criticising Derek Jeter goes above the fold.

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Offseason Primer
This is a monster, and a must-read; mapping out the Braves' next five and a half months, the kind of thing most team blogs tackle in a twelve-part series. Or a book. Here, it's just one awesome post.0

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs): Offseason Outlook: Starting Pitcher
See what I mean? This one looks at the Cubs' 2011 starting staff--what they've got and what they might hope to get.

Redleg Nation: On Devin Mesoraco
Thoughts on the Reds' 2007 first-round pick.

Dodger Thoughts: Jerry Sands works on his game
Updates on some Dodger AFLers.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): Check Out The Brewers Blogger Awards
These are much, much, muchmuchmuchmuch better than the Milwaukee BBWAA chapter's awards.

Mets Today: Sandy Alderson May Choose a Former Met to Manage
If and when Alderson officially becomes the new Mets' GM, rumors have arisen surrounding Clint Hurdle or Joe McEwing to manage. I wouldn't be able to get excited over either the Rockies retread or Eckstein Prototype A, but what do I know?

Bay City Ball (Giants): World Series Q&A with Joey Matschulat
In the last 2010 installment of what has been a great SweetSpot Network feature, Chris has four questions for Rangers expert Joey from BBTiA.

Fungoes (Cardinals): United Cardinal Bloggers Roundtable: How would you improve the World Series?
Everyone's got opinions about this one. Surprisingly, none of them seemed to answer "I'd put the Cardinals in it."

Nationals Baseball: New Uniforms: Greatest Thing Ever or Too Little Too Late?
"It's gotta be one or the other, right?"
I don't get what it would be "too late" for, but I really liked the old unis, so I'll go with that one nonetheless.

And today on the Platoon Advantage: Bill puts together a team of Very Good players most people have kind of forgotten about.

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