Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 10/26

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): (Not) Spending Like a Champion
Joey argues using payroll to denote favorites and underdogs is problematic in the playoffs, when depth means a lot less than the regular season.

The Ray Area: How much is cohesion worth?  Maybe $8.7 million
Marc wonders if Pat Burrell's Tampa Bay career ended as much for off the field reasons as on.

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Free Agent Spotlight, Cliff Lee
Somebody's not a believer in St. Clifford: "Given a closer look, Lee doesn’t seem to be the perennial Cy Young contender he’s portrayed these past three seasons. Rather, he looks more like an excellent #2 starter on a playoff-caliber team — contributing quality starts on a regular clip, but with a 3.50-3.60 ERA instead of a 3.20-3.30."

Royals Authority: Luck, Perseverance, and Hope
"A Rangers-Giants World Series probably is not exactly what Fox and MLB had in mind, but I find it intriguing.   This match-up should also remind long suffering Royals’ fans that your organization does not have to be perfect to eventually get it right."

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Monday Mankowskis, World Series Edition
"For what it’s worth, I expect the Rangers to knock the Giants for a loop in the World Series. San Francisco has shown an incredible ability to win despite, well, those players. They are, in my view, the White Sox of the National League and must be defeated — with Aubrey Huff going hitless, of course. Rangers in six."

Sox Machine (White Sox): Addison's Sox and Plan No. 3
Ever wonder why Hawk Harrelson sounds insane? Probably because he is. Jim's got evidence from Harrelson's disasterous year as the Sox' GM.

It's About the Money Stupid (Yankees): Robinson Cano and Playoff Success (or Jorge Posada and the Lack Thereof)
"You have to realize that the playoffs are really just an extension to the season and are bound to the same fluctuations that 5-10 games during the season are. Sometimes you’re good, and sometimes you’re not. Some guys just don’t play well for a few games."

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs): Offseason Outlook: Third Base
Continuing the position-by-position look at how the 2011 Cubs might shake up, with the position to which A-Ram will be returning one last time.

Redleg Nation: This Day in Reds History
Lots of ownership and front office shakeups happened on October 25, and one pretty disastrous trade (but no, not that disastrous Reds trade).

Mets Today: 2010 Analysis: Elmer Dessens
Non-Mets-fan trivia time: Did you know that Elmer Dessens did not retire in 2004 or so, but actually has pitched for the Mets since 2009, and has put up a 2.71 ERA in nearly 80 innings? I seriously had no clue. Anyway, Joe isn't counting on a repeat performance in 2011 (and I think I can see why).

Ducksnorts (Padres): I Almost Prayed in Albuquerque (Bittersweet Symphony)
The first of a nine-part series, Goeff begins to chronicle the first day of his pilgrimage from San Diego to Cooperstown to see Tony Gwynn take his place in the Hall of Fame. Cool stuff.

Bay City Ball (Giants): Monday Visual: Giants vs. Rangers, Advanced Stats
Chris gives us, in pretty graph form, a comparison of the two World Series teams' MLB ranks in some sabermetric-type stats.

Fungoes (Cardinals): A review of NLCS game 6 key decisions: manager scorecard
Bruce's tactical decisions against Charlie's in the game that decided the NL champions. They both pretty much score a "meh."

Nationals Baseball: Beware the Insipid
"It's World Series lead up time, and worse yet, it's World Series lead up time with two teams pegged as unlikely to make it this far at the start of the playoffs. While sportswriting has incrementally improved in the past 5-10 years, it's still a bastion of nonsense."

And today on The Platoon Advantage: Bill wishes a happy 62nd birthday to Ranger great Toby Harrah.

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