Friday, October 15, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 10/15

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Top Prospects Year In Review: 11-20
Peter picks up where he left off yesterday and looks at the 2010 seasons of his top Braves prospects nos. 11 through 20.

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs): 2010 Final Report Card
Aggregating the staff's 2010 grades for all the Cubs players. Somebody gave Geovany Soto (3.5 fWAR in 105 games) a C!

Redleg Nation: The 2011 Starting Rotation
Taking a stab at ranking the Reds' seven viable starters for next season.

Dodger Thoughts: Hustle and flow: the mental game, John Wooden, Matt Kemp and me
A long, extremely well-crafted essay about Matt Kemp, effort and ability.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Phillies-Giants NLCS Preview: Q&A with Chris Quick
Seven questions with the proprietor of the SweetSpot Network's Giants blog, ahead of Saturday's big series opener.

Ducksnorts (Padres): Thursday Links (14 Oct 10)
A huge list of good (or at least interesting) baseball reading that ought to set you up for the weekend, at least.

Bay City Ball (Giants): NLCS Preview Q&A with Crashburn Alley
You guessed it: seven questions with the proprietor of the SweetSpot Network's Phillies blog, ahead of Saturday's big series opener.

Fungoes (Cardinals): Year of the Pitcher culminates in postseason performances
Whoever that guy was that was incensed that Bill James' fanciful "Game Score" ranked Lincecum's performance ahead of Halladay's is going to eat his left arm when he sees that by Pip's FIGS (Fielding Independent Game Score) ranking, Lincecum's game is second all time, Halladay's like 25th or so.

Nationals Baseball: The other youngest AFL players
Bryce Harper has become just the third 18 year old ever assigned to the Arizona Fall League. Just for fun, Harper looks at how the other younguns have fared.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Thursday Evening Notes
Good news in Texas about GM Jon Daniels future on the eve of the playoffs.

The Ray Area: The 2011 Rays
Mark doesn't think the 2011 Rays will have any trouble attracting the talent the team needs to stay successful.

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): 2011 Projections, Jonathan Papelbon
"Based on his last two seasons, Papelbon doesn’t appear to be the dominant force he once was. However, he should still be productive enough to contribute in a positive light for a Sox pen the needs a ton of improvement in 2011."

Royals Authority: Can Christian Colon Be the Next Troy Tulowitzki?
When you wish upon a prospect, please be sure your motives aren't suspect.  Anything you heart desires, you'll see in him.

Nick's Twins Blog: The Cuddyer Conundrum
"No matter what you think about Cuddyer, there's simply no denying that his hefty guaranteed salary next year poses a serious conundrum for a team that is already staring at some considerable payroll issues."

Sox Machine (White Sox): The sinking of May Flowers
Jim breaks down the change in swing that may have submarined prospect Tyler Flowers' 2010.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees):  And then there is the absurd
 You know that kind of idiotic, brainless Yankee worship that makes you hate certain Yankee fans and New York journalists?  Jason hates it too.

And on The Platoon Advantage: Bill has some respectful words for a wayward soul, Will Carroll.

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