Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 10/19

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Possible Bullpen Help: Grant Balfour
Kicking the tires on the free-agent reliever with the best/worst last name in the entire history of pitching.

Sox Machine (White Sox): Seeking (pain) relievers after Jenks
It's bullpen day, apparently! Jim wonders what might happen if the Sox got rid of that whole "closer" label.

The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Two for Tuesday: Postseason Flashbacks and the Tigers' Moonlight Graham
A Rat sighting! And, celebrating the 83rd birthday of the somewhat less than memorable Doc Daugherty.

Royals Authority: Kansas City Royals 2010 Position Review: Catcher
Oof. Jason Kendall is not a happy place to begin something like this.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Par (Keeping It Rational)
Larry tries to preach rationality to Yankees fans in the face of a Yankees loss, which is like trying to preach something to somebody else who is never ever ever going to do that thing. Analogy!

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Minor League Awards
Conor names the blog's minor league players of the year in various classes and categories. I'm not sure I could pass over Dustin Ackley.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): A Night To Remember
"[N]o matter how much we talked about it and even attempted to imagine what it might be like, this has surpassed all conceivable expectations. This is a modern-day baseball fairytale come to life."

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Oh, Happy Day!
CAC is real happy Melky Cabrera has been released: "Melky Cabrera was a god awful baseball player that had no business spending the entire year on the active roster, much less racking up 509 PA’s (4th most on the team). He was fat, slow, couldn’t hit, couldn’t hit for power, didn’t walk enough, had no idea what he was doing in the field, and was generally a giant waste of a roster spot."  Geez, how do you really feel?

View From the Bleachers (Cubs): Offseason Outlook, First Base
An in depth look at a glaring hole on the North Side.

Dodger Thoughts: Dollars for Lilly
I can't believe Ted Lilly actually took a paycut.  Somebody likes living in LA.

Bay City Ball (Giants): Best Postgame Hair, Ever
Wow, Matt Cain.

 Mets Today: Review of 2010 Predictions
Joe revisits the predictions he made before a disappointing Mets season

Nationals Baseball: Was it that bad?
"I'm not ready to call the season a success by any means, but a few weeks out and I'm ready to look at it with a lot more optimism. It was a tough year - mostly by design.  Next year looks to be tough too. But in a different, much more appealing way.

Redleg Nation: How good was Joey Votto in 2010?
"It isn’t often that someone comes around who has all that talent, but Votto supplements that with the best work ethic anyone has seen. He is focused, he is driven, and he is the most indispensible player in this organization.... This might be the perfect storm: an elite player who has no interest in the bright lights of New York or Boston."


Larry said...

Analogy? Um ... ignoring the choir and preaching to the rest of the congregation? I think my Rabbi would like that analogy.

Bill said...

That works. :) I didn't mean it as any kind of criticism of the piece, just pointing out (as the piece pretty much did) that Yankee fans always do and probably always will tend to go a little crazy when the team loses.

Larry said...

No criticism taken. None even noticed in hindsight.

Bill said...

good, just making sure there was no misunderstanding.