Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get Your Best and Most Complete World Series Preview Here

The best and most complete World Series podcast you're going to hear is below the jump.  Chris Quick of Bay City Ball and Josh Garoon of Baseball Time in Arlington (fellow SweetSpotters, both) joined The Common Man, Bill, and Lar of Wezenball.com to talk about the Giants and Rangers respectively. 

All your questions will be answered: 
What don't you know about the Rangers and the Giants, but should? 
Why will the Giants win? 
Why will the Rangers prevail? 
What scares Giants and Rangers bloggers about their opponents?
Where in the hell did Brian Wilson's beard come from (seriously, the whole podcast is terrific, but if nothing else just listen from 47:45 on)? 

Josh and Chris are both incredibly smart guys and were kind enough to offer their enthusiasm and considerable knowledge to make this our best podcast yet.  Thanks to both of them.

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