Thursday, October 21, 2010

SweetSpot Roundup 10/21

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Braves Top 40 Prospects: Just Missed
Writeups on, basically, Braves prospects #41-68.

The View from the Bleachers (Cubs): Offseason Outlook: Second Base
Joe on the Cubs' 2011 keystone options.

Redleg Nation: Looking (Again) at the 2011 Roster
This time, the main question involves bringing back Jonny Gomes and Orlando Cabrera. And that question is: why?

Dodger Thoughts: Glenn Burke documentary readies for premiere
Preview of a documentary on the 1970s Dodger, the first player ever known to be "out" to teammates while active and the first former player to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality. This sounds like it would be fascinating. The note quoted in the DT piece notes that Burke's teammates believe that others' awareness of his sexuality "prematurely derailed" his career. That absolutely may be true, but it would make for a better study if -- and I really hate to say this -- he'd  done something with the chances he was given.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): The History of Nelson Cruz
Jack walks the path that led Cruz from Mets farmhand to star outfielder of the probably-soon-to-be AL champs. I had no idea he was involved in the Brewers' awful Carlos Lee trade -- or any  of that stuff, actually -- so it's very interesting.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): Cole Hamels' Cut Fastball
Pretty graphs tracking the improvement of Hamels' cutter.

Ducksnorts (Padres): Off-Season Plans
Turning the page on 2010, Geoff lays out the weekly plan for the blog.

Fungoes (Cardinals): UCB Roundtable: Sign Westbrook, other free agents?
Whether or not Jake Westbrook is worth another go-round, and some other names the Cardinals might want to check out for 2011.

Nationals Baseball: The Greinke Options
I only briefly mentioned the idea of the Nats going out and getting a front-line starter the other day, because it seems to me they've got much bigger concerns to deal with. But Rizzo apparently wants a "#1 starter," and Harper looks at what it might take to land Zack Greinke.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Minor League Awards
The Mariners had unprecedented success in their minor league system, and Conor is handing out some hardware to the best of the best.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Bengie Molina, Playoff Hero
"What last night really exemplified best, however, was baseball's inherent unpredictability -- Bengie Molina, a guy who many observers had seemingly written off by regular season's end as being washed up, is now 10-for-26 with two homers during the Rangers' October run, and was heavily responsible for pushing the Rangers to the verge of capturing the American League pennant."

The Ray Area: Do I Have to Like Seth McClung Now?
Mark responds to Seth McClung's excellent mea culpa for his behavior on the Rays.

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): The Best Trade in Red Sox History
The title is misleading, because Darryl gives you two, two, two trades for one, and redeems the reputation of Dan Duquette in the process.

Royals Authority: Grading Dayton Moore, Part I
Dayton Moore's first two months of last offseason were a net loss for the Royals, even before you take into account that he traded for Mike Jacobs (who he released in November) the offseason before.

Nick's Twins Blog: Three Offseason Predictions
Nick's predictions demonstrate just how in flux this Twins team is.  They could win 95 games next year.  Or lose 85.

Sox Machine (White Sox): Body by Jake
Who's to blame for Jake Peavy's injury problems and poor performance in 2010?

It's About the Money Stupid (Yankees): About Time the Yankees Caught a Break
Will conveniently forgets the Maier-esque homer in Game 4 and the bad calls in the Twins series (and the Twins rolling over for the Yanks entirely, in fact) and is glad that finally this put-upon team of All Stars with a $213 million payroll caught a break when a player on the other team got injured.  Joy.


Will@IIATMS said...

Re: my post on Cruz getting injured:

It really wasn't meant to come out as it did--some people (especially in the comments) were downright excited about Cruz's injury. My point was that it might even out the loss of Mark Teixeira, that's all. I blame the hour of the night and my need for sleep. It's been taken down, as a result.

However--my response (to your response!) is that anyone who labels Cano's HR as a Maieresque moment either didn't see the thing, or has an axe to grind. The ball was, in fact, over the wall. Maier's was about as far as he could reach OVER the wall, and is an entirely different animal. If it's in the stands, it's perfectly fair game for fans to go after.

Anyhow--in a seven game series (or in this case, a three game sample size) it's not that crazy to see a whole load of breaks go on way and not the other. Things even out over time. Doesn't mean people (like me) aren't going to complain about it, when it happens.

Bill said...

I didn't see the post, but I completely disagree about the Cano "HR." I've watched it many, many times from as many angles as possible, and I'm convinced it was interference, and clearly enough that it probably would have been called that way if they'd reviewed it. If not with the ball (and I think it was), then certainly with Cruz's glove, which definitely never left the fiend of play.

In any case, it was obviously close enough to merit a replay. Something really doesn't sit right about an umpire just deciding he saw it clearly enough (not suggesting there's any sort of conspiracy or anything, it was just really weird).

Bill said...

the fiend of play? That should be a band name or something.

The Common Man said...

Hey Will,
Yeah, you and TCM will definitely have to agree to disagree on that Cano homer.

That said, The Common Man got the idea that you weren't actually celebrating Cruz's injury, but that you were relieved that at least the Rangers would be at a similar disadvantage to the Yanks without him. It seemed to just come out wrong. Especially regarding Cruz's unfortuante injury, but also the notion that the Yanks have somehow gotten a raw deal this postseason.

The Common Man linked to your piece because he thought it would generate a good discussion. TCM doesn't think you needed to take it down, but understands why you did. This piece aside, keep up the great work over on IIATMS. As you know, TCM digs your stuff.