Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awesome Photos of Target Field in Severe Weather

By The Common Man

Things are a bit crazy with The Platoon Advantage at the moment with various family emergencies.  We're going to keep posting original content at our regular rate, but probably going to take some time away from the regular SweetSpot Roundups we've been doing.  As pennance, The Common Man offers you these gorgeous photos his brother took last night at Target Field:

He took this one during what he says was a "tornado delay."  Why was he out and exposed in the middle of a "tornado delay," you ask?  Great question. Probably something about being young and dumb, but handy with a camera.  TCM loves the orange sky and the IDS Building in the background.

Here's what the field looked like during the "hail delay":

Hail, tornados.  TCM imagines plagues of locusts and rivers of blood are next.  Here's a cool shot he got from field level:

TCM assumes that his brother was hanging down over the ledge along the leftfield line here to get this angle, which is pretty ballsy. TCM would have assumed that security frowns on this kind of picture.  Of course, TCM probably wouldn't have gone to a ballpark when there was a chance of tornado...but whatever.   These shots are certainly better than the game last night, at least.

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William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

Awesome in the scariest sense of that word.