Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Walk This Way

After checking out Baseball Reference's Play Index, it looks like there are three remaining players who have

A) been on the 25 man roster all season and
B) have yet to draw a single walk.

In reverse order, those three are:

Ross Gload33.303.303.303
Felix Pie63.238.238.317
Brent Morel101.232.240.313

Congratulations to Brent Morel.  He's always been a pretty free swinger, as his career high for walks in the minors was only 38, but this is ridiculous.  The record for most plate appearances in a season without a BB is 148 by Craig Robinson in 1974.  Robinson, as you'd expect, was an atrocious hitter.  The longest draught between BB in one season belongs to Andy Kosco, across 162 plate appearances to end the 1970 season.  Ironically, he was intentionally walked in the 5th inning of the first game of the 1971 season (in which he was batting 4th!) by Jim Perry.  While always a free-swinger, Kosco wasn't actually all that terrible a hitter, and 1970 represented a bit of an anomaly from him.  The longest drought TCM has been able to find so far between walks across multiple seasons belongs to Kim Batiste, who lasted 201 plate appearances from 1993-1994 without drawing a pass.  Batiste's career lasted 684 plate appearances in which he walked only 14 times.

What's The Common Man's point?  Go Brent, Go! Break those records!

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