Monday, May 2, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 5/2

Today's SweetSpot Roundup recognizes that you have more important things than baseball to read about and obsess over this morning, and humbly submits that when you are ready, the Roundup will be here.

Austin's Astros 290 Blog: Inglett designated for assignment
Clint Barmes is back from a broken hand.  Hey, hey. Slow down. I know you're excited.  Remember to breathe.

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): Fratboys 6, Cardinals 5
The Braves are acting like a bunch of punks, but at least they're winning.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): Results of the Right Field Contingency Plan
"The Brewers lost at least one win due to the incompetence of their right field platoon, and maybe as many as two depending on the negative defensive impact. And that’s just relative to replacement level, not to Corey Hart. With Hart back, the team is tremendously better."

Fungoes (Cardinals): Blown saves are overblown
"The reality is that blown saves don’t really negatively correlate with winning percentage. That doesn’t mean they’re good, but it probably means that they’re not an indication that the Mayan apocalypse is upon us."

View From the Bleachers (Cubs): Minor League Week in Review
Did you know Ramon Ortiz is in the Cubs system?  Did you care?

Dodger Thoughts: Ethier hits 27, but Padres shut out Dodgers
Hong-Chi Kuo is back but struggling, and Andre Ethier rolls on.

Bay City Ball (Giants): Some Good, Some Surprises, But No Good Surprises in April
"Coming into the season, everyone knew that the Giants strength was depth of position players. They’ve gotten through their rough month mostly on depth. Yesterday, however, they started a game with Emannuel Burris playing second, so mark that down: April 28th – depth all used up."

Nationals Baseball: Could You Root for a "bad, bad guy"
"Anyway - just to waste away the weekend pondering something. If Bryce an ass when he gets to the majors, will it effect how you root for him? Just wondering."

Redleg Nation: Oh Dusty
"My opinion of Dusty has actually grown quite a bit in the last couple of years. He has his merits as a manager, even if some fans refuse to acknowledge it. Dusty doesn’t do himself any good, however, when he whines about the press asking him questions."

Baseballin' on a Budget (Athletics): (25) Athletics 2, Angels 1: What Are We?
I think I was someone who was for some reason not seeing Dan's updates for most of last week, so I hope I didn't short him any. This is a recap of last Wednesday's game, but, you know, still good reading.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): Glad I live in the NW because the sun and I aren't on speaking terms (13-16)
Recap of a tough loss against Tim Wakefield and his bewitching seven hundred year old knuckleball.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): Neftali Feliz Says That He's Finished With Starting...For Good
Just...ugh. Saddens me as a baseball fan, and I imagine I'd be infuriated as a Rangers fan.

The Ray Area: On a Serious Note
Mark takes time out from Rays baseball to plug what sounds like an excellent charity for abused children.

Fire Brand of the AL (Red Sox): Good Thing for Carl Crawford
Crawford knocked in the winning run for the Red Sox today, which should help his confidence and everything. If you think he has a confidence problem. Which I can't imagine could possibly be the case, but still, I mean, it can't be a bad thing.

Royals Authority: The Gordon Shift
"Who knew that it would take a four game losing streak for Nervous Ned to go into full meltdown mode?
Maybe meltdown is a little harsh, but you have to question what’s going through the manager’s mind when he moves Alex Gordon from left field to first base for two games in a row."
The Daily Fungo (Tigers): Pondering a Mid-Week Pounding
Getting swept by the Mariners at home is enough to make anyone do some serious thinking.
Nick's Twins Blog: A Faceless Franchise
It's not easy to be Ron Gardenhire right now, and for a slew of reasons, chiefly the bizarre and increasingly concerning condition of his star catcher.
It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): The Farm Report 5/1/11
Tamar checks in on how the Yankees' farmhands have looked over the season's first month or so.

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