Friday, May 27, 2011

SweetSpot Roundup 5/27

Capitol Avenue Club (Braves): The Importance of David Ross
Buster Posey's injury reminds Ben Duronio about why having good backup catcher is so important.

Disciples of Uecker (Brewers): Breaking News - Brewers Have Really Good Starting Pitchers
"We have to give Doug Melvin a heck of a lot of credit for making this team’s glaring weakness into an overwhelming strength. This team is on a roll, just think how good it will be when those ERAs start to match up a little more closely with those fielding independent numbers. Congratulations, Doug. Now go get us a shortstop!"

Dodger Thoughts: Cogs and Dogs 2011
Jon ranks the Dodgers players based on who exasperates him least.

Bay City Ball (Giants): Disaster Game Leaves Fans Looking Around For Something to Hit
In the wake of Buster Posey, Otis is looking for someone to blame.

Nationals Baseball: So What Needs to Change?
Jason Werth wants "things" to change, but wasn't specific. Harper speculates on what he meant.

Ducksnorts (Padres): Clouds or Snow?
Geoff's saga continues at the Four Corners with Mat Latos, Roberto Pena, and Steve Carlton.

Crashburn Alley (Phillies): A Reminder - JC Romero Not As Bad As He Seems
"Romero’s poor performance thus far can be blamed solely on Manuel’s usage. The Phillies front office knew going in what Romero’s strengths and weaknesses were; no one should be surprised when he fails after being put in statistically unfavorable positions."

Ghostrunner on First (Blue Jays): Defense Matters Question Mark
Drew checks out the Jays' defense, and has the best nickname ever for Jose Bautista: One Man Gang.

It's Pronounced Laj-a-way (Indians): No time for a second cup, I have to catch the (Colum)bus
Like Todd Frazier yesterday, Ezequiel Carrera didn't even have time to unpack.

Pro Ball NW (Mariners): The Missing Inspector
Patrick Dubuque tales the tale of Bill Caudill, ancient Mariner and prankster extraordinaire.

Camden Depot (Orioles): The Merits of Bone Crunching Play
Jon Shepherd's got a radical proposal to eliminate colisions at the plate.

Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers): The End of John Rhadigan
"This was probably the right decision on the whole, but...the anger felt on this issue was best directed towards the Rangers for putting Rhadigan in a position to fail, and towards the media types that so vigorously defended Rhadigan even though they didn't necessarily watch the games on television."

The Ray Area: Faster Than a Speeding Bandwagon
Mark on an important point about fandom: "I generally make fun of bandwagon fans — particularly the pink hatted legions that showed up around Fenway starting win that first World Series title.... But maybe I am giving them a raw deal.  At some point, we all had to be bandwagon fans before we became more dedicated."

Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox): Trade Target - Francisco Liriano
"Given Liriano’s struggles this season, it may seem like a risky move to add him to the rotation, but there is still a ton of upside in his numbers that may translate to more in-game success should a team fix his mechanics and/or rebuild his mental game."

Royals Authority: Time Is On Melky's Side
"The Royals, who did a remarkable job of promoting the supposed prowess of Yuniesky Betancourt (with a straight face and everything, mind you), need to play Melky Cabrera every day and rave about his clutch hitting, solid defense and general overall good attitude and great shape.    Somebody might find that intriguing.

Nick's Twins Blog: The Wrong Call
Nick thinks it's not to late to put Duensing in the bullpen and Slowey in the rotation.  I wish he was right, but that ship has probably sailed.

It's About the Money, Stupid (Yankees): Too Many Homeruns? Surely you jest!
Sadly, Yankees related media does not jest.  And don't call them Shirley.

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