Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Common Man's 2011 Predictions

The Common Man revealed his picks in last night's podcast with Bill and Larry Granillo, but for those of you who are too lazy to patiently listen to the whole thing, here's TCM's predictions in written form:

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These picks were made about a month ago, but TCM won't change them.  If he made them today, he'd probably change the following things:

  1. The Rockies would move down.  The more he thinks about that team, the less potential TCM sees. 
  2. Correspondingly, the Giants and Padres would move up, and based on the Giants decision to play Brandon Belt, TCM would probably put them as division winners.
  3. The Brewers would finish behind the Cubs or the Reds for the NL Central, as the Greinke injury has the potential to linger.
  4. The Phillies would end up finishing behind the Braves, but will still win the Wild Card.

And since TCM has little to nothing in the way of scruples, he's going to blatantly rip off Bill's idea and give you 11 random predictions of his own.  To his credit, TCM is coming up with 11 different predictions than Bill has, so we'll see who has the most right at the end of the season:

  1. If Mat Latos is reasonably healthy, the Padres win at least 85 games.  If his shoulder ends up costing him significant time, they finish below .500.
  2. Manny famously suggested that Johnny damon should play 100 games this year, and Manny 62.  TCM bets that together they don't get more than 162.
  3. Thanks, in large part to hitting behind Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko will convince at least one voter that he's one of the three most valuable players in the American League.
  4. The Red Sox leader in Games Caught this year will be Jason Varitek.
  5. The Royals will score less than 650 runs in 2011, and will allow more than 850.
  6. Jose Reyes will not finish his season in Queens.
  7. Derek Jeter will finish with an OPS below .800.
  8. Before the end of the year, Carlos Santana will be acknowledged as the best catcher in the American League
  9. The Chase Utley you remember is gone forever.
  10. Jorge de la Rosa will post an ERA+ of under 100.
  11. The Angels will finish within three wins of the Marlins, and Tony Reagins will be on the hot seat before the season is over.

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