Thursday, March 24, 2011

Twins Facial-Hair Face-Off Final Results

By The Common Man

Oh wow, The Common Man almost left town without declaring a winner in the Twins Facial-Hair Face-Off. Sorry about that.  But the masses are clammoring, and it's time to reveal a winner. 

It has been an amazing ride that's seen the sad mustaches of Ron Davis and Nick Punto, the mighty beard of Jeff Reardon, the precise goatee of Johan Santana, and the smoothness of Misters Brian Harper and Shane Mack

And now we're here.  And the results of the three-way face off between Ken Landreaux, Carl Pavano, and Mike Marshall are:

Landreaux 39.1%
Pavano 21.7%
Marshall 39.1%

That's right, there is a tie between teammates, former centerfielder Ken Landreaux and closer Mike Marhall.

Frankly, The Common Man is inclined to leave it that way.  It seems right.  Those are some awesome whiskers.  Congratulations to them both.  Would that all Minnesota Twins aspire to your example.

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