Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Twins Facial Hair Face Off: Worst-to-First Region

By The Common Man

This is the third region in the opening round of the the great Twins Facial-Hair Face-Off.  In the Worst-to-First Region, you'll be voting on members of the team from 1988-1991.  There is, by necessity, some overlap with the 1987 squad, but The Common Man has tried to put players on the team where they fit best.  Please, review the candidates below and then vote in the poll to determine who moves on to the next round.  And without further ado:

Worst-to-First Region

#8 Dan Gladden vs. #1 Brian Harper

Dan Gladden would like to watch you fix your Trans-Am while offering not-helpful suggestions about the transmission.  Brian Harper will fix it himself, drive away, come back to pick you up, and have a couple of ladies along to party.

#5 Rick Aguilera vs. #4 Junior Ortiz

Aggy's got a solid beard there, but Junior looks meaner.

#6 Kirby Puckett vs. #3 Jack Morris

Growing a goatee really is the only thing Kirby Puckett didn't excel at.  Jack Morris looks like he stapled a gerbil to his upper lip.

#7 Wally Backman vs. #2 Shane Mack

Backman's mustache is a poser's attempt to look bad-ass.  Shane Mack wants to take this opportunity to say hello to all the ladies that Brian Harper didn't pick up in your Trans-Am.

Now, take the poll below to determine who advances to the Sweet Sixteen, then click here to vote on the best facial hair from the Twins of the 21st Century.

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