Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Twins Facial-Hair Face-Off: 21st Century Region

By The Common Man

Finally, we're here. The last bracket of Round 1. The 21st Century Region. As before, review the candidates below and then vote for who you think should advance to the next round. And without further ado:

21st Century Region

#8 Nick Punto vs. #1 Johan Santana

Punto looks like a 13 year old trying to grow a few whiskers for the first time. Johan, of course, looks sculpted, professional, and completely in control.

#5 Francisco Liriano vs. #4 Nick Blackburn

TCM will never really understand the chinstrap.  Blackburn had a cool "Big Bad Bart" type of mustache going, but he abandoned it quickly.

#6 Scott Baker vs. #3 Eddie Guardado

Poor Scott Baker, it looks like he glued it on.  Guardado's got some grey in his goatee, and looks pretty distinguished.

#7 Justin Morneau vs. #2 Carl Pavano

Justin, Joe Mauer wouldn't be caught dead with a mustache.  Just sayin'.  And, of course, the Pav-stache is the one that started it all.

Now, take the poll below to determine who advances to the Sweet Sixteen, and click here to go back to the beginning in case you missed anything or you want to relive the magic.

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Anonymous said...

I assume 1970s reliever Mike Marshall was on probation and thus ineligible. Otherwise I don't see how he wouldn't warrant a #1 seed (go to http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1095101/index.htm and click "view this issue, p. 28).

The Common Man said...

Total wiff on TCM's part. Will try to address that somehow.