Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Twins Facial-Hair Face-Off: Pohlad Region

By The Common Man

This is the second region in the opening round of the the great Twins Facial-Hair Face-Off.  In the Pohlad Region, you'll find members of the 1987 World Champion team.  Please, review the candidates below and then vote in the poll to determine who moves on to the next round.  And without further ado:

Pohlad Region
#8 Dan Schatzeder vs. #1 Gary Gaetti

Dan Schatzeder's mustache hides the pain of a lifetime of people forgetting how to spell/pronounce his name.  No man ever needed a mustache more than Gary Gaetti.

#5 Frank Viola vs. #4 Tom Brunansky

With all that curly hair, Frankie V's mustache barely stood out.  Tom Brunansky just robbed the Northfield bank and is on his way back to the hideout.

#6 Bert Blyleven vs. #3 Juan Berenguer

Bert's mustache loves to fart, but it can't blow gas like Senor Smoke.

#7 Keith Atherton vs. #2 Jeff Reardon

Keith Atherton didn't shave the middle of his mustache off.  It was friction.  It's March, so Jeff Reardon just woke up fromo his hibernation.  Stay out of his way.

Now, take the poll below to determine who advances to the Sweet Sixteen, then click here to vote on the best facial hair from the 1988-1991 Worst-to-First squads.

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